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Three Tragedies, Two Elites and One Solution

Three Tragedies

Another meddling, interminable and bankrupting war, this time in Libya, fought yet again for oil and other resources, fought yet again under the mythical pretext of ‘freedom and democracy’, leading to the deaths of thousands and the end of Christianity in yet another country.

The feudal baron-banker, Strauss-Kahn, who thought that the ‘little people’ would allow him all things, because he, like his ‘Fund’, had always exploited them and because he was a ‘great man’, whose ‘destiny’ was to become President of France. How are the mighty fallen!

The Communist war criminal Mladic is arrested. But those, who did far greater harm even than he and because of whom hundreds of thousands of expelled Serbs still live in miserable refugee camps, not only walk free, but award themselves ‘peace’ prizes in Western capitals.

Two Elites

The feudal elite of the USA, today’s Roman Empire, desires cultural and so ideological control, funding ‘revolutions' in countries around the world, which situation can then be used as an excuse to invade them with their legions and control them and their precious resources.

The feudal elite of the EU, today’s Carolingian Empire, desires economic and so political control, creating bankruptcies in its subject countries, which situation can then be used as an excuse to enslave them with their laws and control them and their precious resources.

Realising this, some turn to absurd conspiracy theories and hatred. However, the only conspirator is Satan and all elites are themselves only his first victims. And so they all suffer for swallowing their own lies, for lacking the insight to understand, that is, for being spiritually dead.

One Solution

There is a solution to the above. However, it is not in other tiny elites, who lost their authority a millennium or so ago and represent hardly anyone, but still rehearse ancient, irrelevant and squalid arguments about their order of seniority.

The alternative is in the Christian Civilisation which, though in a decadent state after centuries of persecution from Muslim (8th century on), Catholic (12th century on), Protestant (16th century on), Communist (20th century on) and today US and EU secularism, still survives.

Once called ‘Romaiosini’ and now called ‘Rus’, this Civilisation calls on all who have overcome the great Western delusion and self-flattering myth of ‘superiority’, to repent and return to the living values of Christ, before it is altogether too late.

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