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The European Union: From Aachen to Berlin

As the European Union stumbles from crisis to crisis, it is ever clearer that it is not led by several nations, or even by France and Germany, but by Germany alone, as an economic Fourth Reich. Germany now uses France (or rather its political elite) as a Vichy regime to intimidate peripheral countries like Great Britain, not to mention Sweden, Ireland, Portugal and Greece, or for that matter Italy and Spain.

The European Union of December 2011 is thus simply a relaunch of the old Carolingian Empire, set up in Aachen on 25 December 800 by Charlemagne. Then he was crowned by the Pope, just as today’s Pope ‘prays for the euro’. The announcement that Croatia is to join the EU in 2013 only adds to the Carolingian impact, for much of Croatia was part of Charlemagne’s zone of influence 1211 years ago. Thus, today Aachen has been replaced by Berlin, which set up the euro as the currency of choice of German exporters.

The Second Reich of Bismarck failed in the trenches of the First World War, because it tried to impose European Unification by military means. The Third Reich of Hitler failed at Stalingrad, again because it tried to impose European Unification by military means. The mistake of the Allies in 1945, as many said at the time, was to allow the Second Reich to remain unified. Instead of dismantling Germany into its different parts, undoing not only the Second Reich of Bismarck but also the First Reich of Charlemagne, and replacing it with a Confederation, the Allies allowed it to become a Federation. Today, this Federal Fourth Reich of Berlin is succeeding, because it is trying to impose Federal European Unification by economic, and not military, means, and so make a German Federation of Europe, a Germany writ large.

However, in reality, this Unification is still an imposition. Unelected Prime Ministers, indirectly approved of by Berlin, have been installed in Greece and Italy. Other countries, like Great Britain, even though run by a richly-rewarded, EU-approved political and media elite for most of the last four decades, are not allowed referenda on if they even wish to be part of the EU construct or not. Even when referenda are allowed in some countries, they still have to be re-run until the EU-approved result is achieved through tax bribery and Goebbels-like propaganda - i.e, lies. (Do all remember the much-parroted lies when the Eurozone was launched – enormous prosperity, millions of new jobs etc etc?).

We have come to the point when even the most obtuse must understand that the choice as regards the future of Western Europe is very simple:

It is either as a politically, economically and fiscally-centralised, federalised United States of Europe (USE) with its capital in Berlin, a new, extended Carolingian Empire, a market for German industriousness, in effect a Soviet Union in Western Europe.

Or else, it is as a free Confederation of Sovereign Peoples of Europe, the Confederation of European Peoples (CEP). However, realistically, the latter can probably only come into existence if the Russian Federation agrees to play a responsible role. The Russian Federation, freed from the psychological burdens of the Soviet Union, together with Eastern Europe, Scandinavia including Norway and Iceland, the British Isles, freedom-loving Switzerland and any other nation that wishes to take part, could form the CEP. Here, there is a future, a future of freedom.

The end-game for Europe is here. Quo vadis, Europa?

26 November / 9 December
St Innocent of Irkutsk

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