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Archbishop Mark and Bishop Agapit are involved in a car accident

At about midnight on Saturday 3 July, which was the feast day of St John of Shanghai, Archbishop Mark of Berlin and Bishop Agapit of Stuttgart were involved in a potentially lethal car accident in Germany.

Returning from the convent in Buchendorf to the monastery in Munich on the A8 Stuttgart-Munich Autobahn, a car driven by a drunken German football supporter ploughed into them at high speed. Neither the driver, nor Archbishop Archbishop Mark, who had been sitting on the back seat, received any injuries. However, Bishop Agapit who was sitting in the front next to the driver, received a shock to his back and neck. The car was a write-off. Both bishops were examined by doctors in Munich and later both returned to the monastery.

As a result of the accident, Bishop Agapit has been forced to delay his pastoral visit to Australia, for which he had been due to leave today.

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