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A Tragedy in Paris

We knew André Malinin as a little boy. For years he served together in the altar with our sons at the ROCOR parish in Meudon near Paris. He came from the well-known Malinin singing family, who were related to the Kedrov dynasty. His father had been our ROCOR conductor and we learned much from him. Then André became the conductor at the Three Hierarchs church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Paris, as well as founding the Volga youth choir. We still sing the Kedrov music in Slavonic and in English. He represented that authentic and vibrant Russian Orthodox Church culture which still exists in Paris, handed down from father to son and mother to daughter.

The tragic victim of a motorcycle accident, as a result of which he lay in a coma and then, aged 28, passed away on 7 June shocked us. We read the multilingual entries in his Facebook from all over the Russian Orthodox world and emigration and were moved. At the weekend we sang a panikhida for him. Then we read the moving message of condolence to his family and to all of us from His Holiness Patriarch Kyrill himself.

All our condolences go to Kostia, Simone, Tania, Mathieu and all his family.

Eternal Memory, André!

Père André, Matushka, Jacques, Anne et les enfants

3/16 juin 2009
Ste Clotilde, Reine de la France

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