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Introduction: A Europe of Devilry

Nigh on 100 years ago the world was shaken by an earthquake, as a debased Europe made the idolatrous sacrifice of its youth to its cannibal god of Death. ‘Hate your neighbour as yourself’, said Europe in 1914, as it proceeded to defile itself with savagery and barbarism, making a hell on earth. And so the anti-civilisation of Western Europe developed apace, promising a new Dark Age.

That first earthquake was followed by a whole series of other earthquakes and tremors, a second great earthquake and then many, many more tremors. Indeed, three years after the first earthquake, the idolatry of self-hatred reached its planned turning point in 1917 in ‘ten days that shook the world’. Then the Kaiser’s Germany, paradoxically with the enthusiastic if anxious consent of a jealous Great Britain, France and USA, separated an internally undermined Russia from her messianic destiny. This destiny was to free Europe from both the Turkish and the Catholic-Protestant Yokes of anti-Christian aggression. It was not to be - yet.

The Fall of Historical Russia in 1917, hailed by an envious Western Europe, led to three generations of hysteria there and made all Europe a place not of Divinity, but of devilry. The end of the Babylonian captivity of Russia in 1991 has been followed by the inevitably painfully slow and partial restoration of Historical Russia. This has been going on there ever since, but still has many, many years to run before, if ever, it is complete.


And so an ever-widening chasm has formed in Europe. The chasm that has formed today is between the Historical Europe and the New Europe. This New Europe is synonymous with the direction taken in recent years by the European Union. It is that which is directed against the essential historical Tradition of Europe, whether it is the refusal to allow public religious symbols in countries like Spain, Italy and France, the refusal to allow Ireland to legalise child murder, or to promote ‘gay’ parades and homosexual ‘marriage’ everywhere. This essential historical tradition is Christianity. Now we see that New Europe is an Anti-Europe and the chasm between the Two Europes is a chasm of Faith.

Since 1917 the weakest and smallest institutions of the Orthodox world have also tottered on the edge of this ever-widening chasm. The first to stumble was the old Greek Patriarchate in Turkish-occupied Europe, which came to be led by a British freemason called Patriarch Meliton. This was followed by the wavering of other politically-imposed leaders in the Churches of Greece, Cyprus and then of Romania. Outside Europe, the ancient Arab Patriarchate in Antioch and then the Greek Patriarchate in Alexandria followed in their wavering. Later still the Church of Bulgaria faltered.

Today, the same chasm-building forces, grown immensely in strength, are planning the separation of Church and State in Greece. They are at their work of subversion in Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria, now all fallen into the secularist EU/US project. All these Local Churches must be undermined and neutralised by the EU/US, which is doing its best to finish off spiritually the old Patriarchate in ‘Istanbul’. As for the once strong Serbian Orthodox Church, now controlled by an EU puppet government in Serbia, it is facing one of the most serious crises in its long and troubled history.

The Fifty-Year Old Prophecy of St John

All of this was spoken of in prophecy fifty years ago. In ‘A Concise History of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia’, written in 1960 by St John of Shanghai, Archbishop of Brussels and Western Europe, we find the following prophecy, the first part of which came true in 2007: Russian refugees, scattered all over the world and often living in difficult conditions, await the radiant day when their country is free of the atheist government which torments the souls and bodies of their brethren and when they are able to unite with it. Apart from the secret service plants and sectarians, who interpreted the unity of the Russian Orthodox Church each according to their own darkness and agreeing only in condemning her, all rejoiced at this unity. However, the second part of the prophecy, in the form of a question, is still to come true:

When Russia was in her days of prosperity, she gave all possible support to her Orthodox brethren who were worse off, especially those who were in captivity to Non-Christian rulers. It was not only the State that directed all its efforts to this end, but the whole people took part. Prayers were offered up for them, both in churches and in homes. All the evening prayers, printed in the complete prayer books, ended with the petition: ‘Cast down the blasphemous kingdom of the Hagarenes and subject it to Orthodox kings, confirm right belief and raise up the horn of Orthodox Christians’. Do we not all need to pray now even more for the casting down of a regime that is not merely blasphemous, but also Godless, which has taken up arms not only against Orthodoxy, but against any kind of faith in God at all?

Today, the New ‘Hagarenes’ of the secularist EU/US, through their ‘blasphemous kingdom’, ‘not merely blasphemous, but also Godless’, are intent on deepening their Dark Age. Having finally conquered the suicidal tribes of Western Europe after 1945, the New Hagarenes must now finish off Orthodox Europe. Serbia is the next pawn in the game. The Serbian Orthodox Church is being softened up for Serbia’s entry into the American EU puppet. Therefore, Kosovo must be handed over to its Albanian drug runners and sex slave traders, and the Serbian Patriarch must be weak enough to compromise himself with photo-opportunities of political correctness, thus creating new divisions.

The Two Ships

Since 1991 the Russian Orthodox Church has been reconstituting itself, ‘gathering stones together’ (Eccl. 3, 5) and calling on the whole Orthodox world to gather round. The multiethnic Russian Orthodox Church, 164 million souls out of the total 216 million of the Orthodox world, is like a giant ship. More or less in its wake travel smaller, Balkan ships, the Romanian, the Greek, the Serbian, the Bulgarian, others still smaller but more ancient, and yet others much smaller still, really little more than lifeboats. The only other ship in whose wake these smaller ships could follow is the EU/US Titanic.

Having abandoned all hope with anti-Christian Protestantism, the Russian Orthodox Church has also desperately been working to bring Catholicism back to its senses and historic roots. For some this is a lost cause, revival of the unconscious no longer being possible, but for others it is a bold cause worth working towards, for there are still souls to be saved there. The ships that shelter in the wake of the great ship of Russian Orthodoxy are smaller. However, they also have their holiness, their wisdom and their traditions and so are not blind to those few who have attitudes unworthy of Russian Orthodoxy, but are aboard the great ship.

Of one extreme or another, the unworthy, small groups and individuals, loiter on deck. They shout insults at others, both of their own nationality and those of other nationalities, still unaware that multinational Russian Orthodoxy is not a nationality, but a set of dynamic values by which we live. These loiterers are ever in danger of falling into the ocean, if not actually throwing themselves in. And this they do. They throw themselves in, either from the port side, from where they drift off towards the EU/US Titanic, from where they are beckoned and lured by the illusions of power and money, and where on arrival they are made comfortable and so become spiritually utterly irrelevant. Or else they throw themselves in from the starboard side, from where they drift off to desert islands, beckoned and lured by the illusions of the ghetto and the sect, having lost not only the way, but even the map.

Conclusion: Pro-Europe

Thus, the one hope of the smaller ships remains the Russian Orthodox ship. There are still many in the smaller ships who are lucid enough to know that its rival, The Titanic, is inevitably destined to founder on the Iceberg of opposition to Christ. Great shall be the fall thereof. The only question for them is if the ship of Russian Orthodoxy is at last mature enough to return to its messianic role of Protector of the whole Orthodox world, or if it is still mired in post-Soviet compromise, exploitation and spiritual weakness. In which case we must go on waiting, as we have been doing all these long and lonely decades.

There is hope, albeit of a political sort. Thus, in the Ukraine, the Galician-American junta, their Swiss bank account filled to brimming, has been voted out. In Lithuania the CIA torture facility has been closed. The President of Latvia, his nation bankrupted by the EU, has come begging to Moscow. Georgian Opposition leaders who remain free (most of them languish in prison under the puppet Saakashvili) stand free in Moscow. In Belarus President Lukashenko has again faced down an EU-paid mob. The lesser evil has won there. In Estonia Neo-Nazis are now isolated. Poland, like Hungary, victims of the EU and the Euromark, begs money of the IMF. Greece heaves with discontent. Bulgaria and Romania wonder about their past choice and the bribes which were offered them but which are not forthcoming.

Although the Russian Orthodox Church is resurgent from the tomb, she is still very weak. Standing blinking in the dawning light of the Resurrection, she is still little able to act outside her immediate sphere of influence. Moreover, she can do nothing if the other ships in the Orthodox world do not wish to follow her, and would rather follow the Titanic to their inevitable wrecking. For those who have been beckoned and lured ever since 1917, the time to choose once and for all, between the great ship of Orthodoxy and the Titanic of Western pride, is coming.

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