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The EU Battle for the Balkans

In an interview with the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, Joschka Fischer, the former German Foreign Minister and colleague of Madeleine Albright, both well-known Russophobes, has said that if Greece falls out of the Eurozone, then the EU will fail in its bid to take over the Balkans. Then, he says, the way will be open for Russia to dominate the Balkans. What truth is there in these statements?

Firstly, it must be said that the EU is failing to take over the Balkans. However, this is because, unlike its venal governments, its peoples are resisting political, economic, social and religious slavery to the EU. This process of enslavement began with the German military intervention in ex-Yugoslavia in the 1990s. This was followed by the EU attempts to divide and rule Serbia, in the course of which Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Montenegro were separated by the NATO occupation forces and EU bribery.

These newly-created countries are now all dominated by EU-bribed puppet governments and policies. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Balkans, Romania and Bulgaria have in the last decade become EU colonies. Further afield, for years the EU, led by the US, has been trying to penetrate the Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Parts of the EU, backed by the US, also wish to make Asia Minor (now called Turkey) an EU member. EU membership of this part of the old Ottoman tyranny, US-armed and a strategic NATO centre, would mean that the Balkan countries were surrounded. However, Germany and France have both expressed opposition to Turkish membership, unlike successive UK regimes, which always do whatever Washington tells them to do.

The signs of attempted EU colonisation are always quite clear. The first sign is the divisive imposition of political correctness, for example, the obligation to visit a synagogue, introduce divorce on demand, homosexual ‘marriage’ and abortion. This divides society. The second sign of EU colonialism is the destruction of native agriculture, fishing and industry, in favour of individualistic, self-serving consumerism, dominated by the import of consumer goods from France and Germany. This rules society. In these signs of divide and rule we see the compulsory sacrifice to the cannibal Western gods, which destroy national sovereignty and independence, the family, and men’s, women’s and children’s lives.

The visit by Mr Cameron to Germany on 7 June seems to have been a repeat of the visit there by another weak British Prime Minister. This was the visit of Mr Chamberlain to Munich almost exactly three generations ago in September 1938. Ever faithful to British masters in Washington, Mr Cameron has told the German Chancellor to unify the core European countries, just as in 1938 Mr Chamberlain betrayed Czechoslovakia to the Nazis. History appears to be repeating itself in Europe, because the geography of Europe has not changed.

The instruction to Germany to concentrate on the core could mean that even bankrupted Washington, undermined by losing its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, may be realising that the domination of the Balkans is a step too far for the German-led EU. In the view of the White House, Germany should concentrate on bailing out south-west Europe, Italy, Spain and Portugal, bankrupted through the straitjacket of the Euromark. Thus, we may agree with Mr Fischer that the EU, which like NATO is an American-founded institution, may well have failed to enslave Greece – although it has come very close.

The question is where Greece and other Balkan countries may look to next. For example, it may not take much for Slav Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria to look to Russia. However, further recent attempts by the US-instructed and financed Patriarchate of Constantinople to interfere in the affairs of the Church of Greece have also helped to undermine relations there.

As a result, the recent visit to Russia by the Archbishop of Athens and a very large Greek Orthodox delegation means that Greece is also looking to Russia. The invitation to the Russian Patriarch to visit Cyprus, a visit which is currently taking place, may mean the same there. Betrayed by the West in 1974, with British armed forces idly standing by in their Cypriot bases while a third of Cyprus was occupied by US-armed Turkey, there is no inherent reason for Cyprus to feel any loyalty to the US/EU.

The real question is what Romania might do. Here the EU has deliberately exploited the Romanian penchant for western-style nationalism and planted its Trojan Horse there. State-sponsored nationalism already means that the Romanian Church, whose clergy are paid by the Romanian State, is no longer in communion with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and is now threatened with excommunication by the Serbian Church. Could the Romanian State return to its Orthodox roots, or is it too late?

We doubt if there is any truth in Herr Fischer’s political-inspired paranoia regarding a possible deliberate Russian takeover of the Balkans. Surely the fact is that the Balkan countries will by their own free choice look to whomever is a true friend to them. And the fact is that that was not Nazi Germany. Nor was it the Soviet Union. Nor has it been the EU. Only the future will tell us who it is.

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