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Bloody Sunday

So, at long last, thirty-eight years too late, an incredibly expensive, twelve-year long, official enquiry has confirmed what we the common sense people always knew, but the guilty British Establishment had always denied: Fourteen innocent Irish people died as a result of action by British troops on Bloody Sunday 1972. And the British State has at last owned up to it, though refusing to punish the guilty, i.e. itself, for murdering its own citizens.

The sheer intriguing hypocrisy of the British Establishment is astounding, when hundreds died in Serbia, thousands died in Iraq and now thousands more are dying in Afghanistan, again as a result of meddling British Establishment policy. If you were really sorry about the Irish murders, why are you continuing this policy today, only in other, more distant parts of the world?

Of course, we are not saying that the mass of British troops are themselves guilty. Most are trying to do a good job of peace-keeping, many disagree with what they have been instructed to do, but they are hostages and victims of their own political naivety and brainwashing. The real culprits are in the self-justifying political elite who are sending hundreds of naïve young soldiers to death and mutilation, along with thousands of foreign citizens, in whose countries we have no right whatsoever to be.

Nearly 950 years ago the Norman-founded British Establishment brought havoc and genocide to the English first of all, before taking it to the Welsh, the Scots and, in the twelfth century, to the Irish. Their castles, the first concentration camps, were indeed filled with demons, as the English wrote at the time.

After the punishment of the Black Death came the development of usury (‘Capitalism’) and the sheer thuggery of the Reformation. This was the work of the thief and serial wife-killer, Henry VIII. He plundered the monasteries, created and lovingly maintained by the peoples of the Isles, to enrich the ‘(s)nobility’ that was to create the Robber Empire. Then came the ‘Virgin’ Queen, steeped in the occult, Sir Francis Bacon, the ‘Rosicrucian New Atlant’, the real father of the freemasonry hoax.

Next came the genocides of Cromwell, England’s Lenin, the terrorist of Ireland, and then the Enclosures which killed ‘Merry England’. This was England’s collectivisation There was no difference - land in the Soviet Union went to the Party Commissars who represented the State; in England it went to the local representatives of the Establishment. The Enclosures were accompanied by the decadence of the eighteenth century ‘Endarkenment’ and then came the drab, puritan hypocrisy of genocidal Victorian materialism and imperialism, with its smoke-filled factories, industrial cremations of the departed and child exploitation. And that ended in the imbecility of Darwinism.

The first victims of all ‘Unions’, British, Soviet, European or other, are always the local people, who are robbed of their spiritual and moral heritage, their values, whether they are English peasants, Slav muzhiks or French farmers. No-one seriously imagines that English people knew what was done in their name in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in North America, India, Australasia, China, Africa or anywhere else, by the anti-democratic British State and its brainwashed and xenophobic organ of propaganda, the press. Yes, democracy and civilisation were and are the greatest Western propaganda myths of all time.

Now that Bloody Sunday has been admitted, though the Establishment has not taken responsibility for it and seeks to blame others, the demise of the UK can continue at an accelerated pace. This would mean liberation for all the captive peoples of these Isles and their long-suffering peoples. It would mean the restitution of our spiritual heritage of the first millennium, our spiritual identity. The demise of the British Union will mean freedom from mythology for England and all the nations who have so long been held captive by it. May the freedom of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland from Britain come soon.

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