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Burning the Koran

It is always extraordinary to see how rogues use religion as camouflage for their evil deeds. It proves that religion is what is noblest in human life and endeavour. If it were not the noblest, rogues would not use it as an excuse for their evil attempts to seize other people’s wealth, power and territory.

For example, as soon as it was invented, Catholicism was used to justify the Western land grab behind the massacres of Orthodox Christians, including the sack of Orthodox Christian cities like Antioch, Jerusalem, Nicosia and Constantinople, and of Muslims and Jews. These were perpetrated by cannibal bandits, rapists and murderous thugs, known as ‘crusaders’, on peoples who had been living together in peace for centuries.

Later, both Catholicism and its off-shoot, Protestantism, were used to justify genocide and mineral exploitation in the New World, the slave-trade and colonialism. More recently, Catholicism and Protestantism were again used by European nations to justify their nationalistic tribal fratricides and land-grabbing of the First World War.

Since then, Christianity has been used by individuals to justify the inhuman ideologies of both Fascism (including apartheid) and Communism, with their tens of millions of victims. Hinduism is used to justify massacres of Muslims and Christians. Islam is used to justify the Saudi Arabian nationalism of the Twin Towers mass-murderers. The adulterous President of Italy then labelled as ‘a crusade’ the oil-grab of the revenge invasion of Iraq (Iraq because oil-rich Saudi Arabia, where the terrorists actually came from, is already a Western colony, even though it officially beheads Muslims who become Christians). As a result, Christians (neither Catholic, nor Protestant) are having to flee their ancestral Iraq, not least the ancient city of Mosul, next to Nineveh, with the tombs of the prophets Jonah and Nahum and the homeland of saints such as St Isaac the Syrian.

Now in Florida, the ‘pastor’ of a ‘church’ (i.e. the leader of a tiny sect) plans to incinerate copies of the Koran in a bonfire next Saturday to mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. The ‘pastor’ proclaimed in July that he would stage ‘International Burn-a-Koran Day’. The US Secretary of State has rightly said that the pastor’s plans were outrageous and urged him to cancel the event. She added that it was an ‘outrageous and distressful, disgraceful plan’ to ‘get the world’s attention’.

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