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The Diamond Jubilee and the Future

At the last Diamond Jubilee, that of Queen Victoria in 1897, Great Britain possessed the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Today, it is part of a divided island archipelago off the north-west coast of Europe.

Left bankrupt by the feckless irresponsibility of its latest period of misrule, Great Britain is now subject to the instability of both the unregulated dollar and the idiotic euro. Its Prime Minister, a former PR executive, was until recently apparently in hock to the same, now exposed, criminal media mafia as his predecessor. It seems to many that the main interest of most British politicians in recent years is their ambition, political career and self-deluded vanity. Swimming with the tide, rather than any political beliefs or principles, ‘all style and no substance’, appears to be the order of the day.

Above all this passing froth stands Queen Elizabeth II, an unchanging point of reference and stability in an ocean of change, one of the few with a sense of duty and continuity. She is a constant reference to the roots of her country, which are in Christianity, in what was, but barely is any more. She has been the guarantee that the destiny of the nation is not in renouncing its identity, in becoming a colony of either the US dollar or of the EU euro, but in its own specific roots and sovereign identity. The slavish imitation of today’s EU or today’s USA is not an inevitability for the Isles, rather it is an aberration.

Sixty years from now, in 2072, how will our grandchildren be governed? Is our destiny not perhaps in an independent Anglo-Celtic Confederation with its own historic identity, anchored in the Christian Faith? Will there one day be a Council of the Isles based in the Isle of Man, the unique place from which are visible all four lands of the archipelago, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales? May God’s Will be done...

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