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Divide and Rule - in Kosovo, Cyprus and Bulgaria

Great Empires, ancient and modern, have always conquered by dividing and ruling. This is what they did long ago with the Church, constantly trying to prise off sections of population away from it and then ruling them. It was done most successfully in 1054, when a whole section of humanity was separated from the Church, a section which afterwards continually divided itself.

Later this was also the case with the profoundly divisive Westernisation of Russia, which represents a conquest of Russia by anti-Orthodox Empires. Having brought most of Russia’s governing elite to reject Christ, the divine and human cement that held Russia together, the West produced the Revolution of March 1917, US-financed, German-sponsored and British-acclaimed. This divided Russia, leading to civil war and decades of genocide. Instead of the Third Rome bringing earth up to paradise, the Third International brought hell up to earth. Indeed, having divided its victim, the Western ideology of State Capitalism was to rule the Soviet Empire until, after three generations, it collapsed through its own inertia. After this, the Empire of secularism has since tried to impose on Russia its latest secularism of consumerism.

Today also, the Western secularist Empire uses the same ideology of divide and rule. It draws on its legions and those recruited from its NATO tributaries to fight its battles on its ideological frontiers. These battles oppose any ideology which dares to resist the folly of secularism, which will one day bring the end of the world. The Orthodox Christians who live in today’s secularist Empire recall that over 1500 years ago the Western provinces of the Roman Empire fell to the barbarians because they had not become sufficiently Orthodox. So it is today with the US and EU Western provinces of the new Roman Empire.

In recent years we saw the same policy of divide and rule in the Ukraine during the ‘Orange Revolution’. This was not a revolution at all, but a mere political manipulation conducted by the US ambassador in Kiev on the orders of his Washington bosses and their EU allies, which was then sold to the compliant Western media, with their meaningless phrases of ‘the international community’ and ‘public opinion’ which represent nothing more than the crude propaganda of their secularist masters (1). Thus, just as the Western elite had for decades used the gangsters of Latin America, Asia and the Middle East (such as the CIA plant Saddam Husssein) and the racist thugs of South Africa for its ignoble aims of domination by puppets, so it began to use the political gangsters of the Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan to do the same.

The contemporary Western strategy against the Church, originally devised by the schemers of the British Empire in the nineteenth century, is to dominate the Orthodox world by dividing and so ruling its vulnerable underbelly – Greece, the Balkans and the Middle East. Thus, the British masons infiltrated their members to introduce the new calendar into the politically enslaved and spiritually enfeebled Patriarchates of Constantinople, Antioch and Alexandria and the Local Churches of Greece and Cyprus. Then mason-run Romania and, later still, Bulgaria followed suit. Thus began spiritual compromise.

Today, all these Patriarchates and countries, together with Serbia in Kosovo and elsewhere, are under renewed attack. In Kosovo the Serbian Church has now been divided at the behest of foreign powers; in Cyprus the Church faces profound internal division after another controversial and purely political invitation; in Bulgaria the scandal of freemasonry in the Church shows its previously only half-hidden face. The plan is to pick off these Local Churches, which still resist the secularist tidal wave, one by one. Where can the strength to resist further be found?

Fortunately, there are still many Orthodox bishops both in those countries and elsewhere who resist, there are still scores of thousands of Orthodox churches open and the sacraments available. As long as the possibility of salvation remains true, the world will go on. This is not yet the end. Let us not therefore be naïve and think that anti-modernist, sectarian schisms are the way ahead against the modernist infiltrators. That would be to fall into the very divide and rule trap of the enemies of the Church of God. Let us see the big picture of the forest without getting lost in the details of the trees.

The enemies of the Church are still angered that only a few fell into their trap and left the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) for such sects, when the repentant Russian Orthodox Church inside Russia joined ROCOR in common cause against secularism in 2007. The words that after the fall of the Soviet Union the only remaining US aim was the destruction of the Russian Orthodox Church, are said to have been falsely attributed to the American geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski. In fact, who said these words is irrelevant: they still represent the truth that after the destruction of the smaller Local Orthodox Churches, secularism’s next aim is the Russian Orthodox Church.

Russophobes and pseudo-intellectuals eyed with haughty contempt the struggle of newly-baptised but ill-instructed Russian Orthodox to return to their ancestral faith and roots through the fog of Westernisation. Today, even some of these Rusophobes are beginning to understand. Some of them at least are beginning to have the compassion, which alone gives understanding, for the repentant victims of Soviet and post-Soviet society. Some of them at least are beginning to realise that, by its sheer size, only the Russian Church, although still not fully resurgent and with its many obvious post-Soviet faults, nationalistic blemishes and erring individuals, can delay the end.

However, in order to do this, the now reunited Russian Orthodox Church, 75% of Orthodoxy, will need support. She will need the support of all Orthodox of all the Local Orthodox Churches and of all nationalities, of all who follow the Sacred Tradition of the Church and veer neither to the left or to the right of the royal path. May it be so!

Archpriest Andrew Phillips

Sunday of all the Saints who have Shone forth in Rus
24 May/6 June 2010


1.See the recent Russian language interview with Vasily Anisimov concerning the way in which the US entirely controlled the divisive policies of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Ukraine:

2. It is only a detail, but two weeks ago in the UK a Russian Orthodox baptism of babies by immersion was forbidden by a local authority. It would only be allowed by sprinkling – on ‘health and safety grounds’. We have no doubt that this is the beginning, corresponding to the prophecies of St Seraphim of Vyritsa regarding the coming outlawing of Orthodox baptism in the West.

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