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Orthodox Metropolitan requests the Queen to deprive Sir Elton John of his Knighthood

Following the open expression of disgust by a Bulgarian Metropolitan, now Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus has written to Queen Elizabeth II about the blasphemy of Elton John, who called Jesus Christ a homosexual. The Greek website today revealed that the Metropolitan had written to the Queen and spoken of the outrage of Christians at the ‘offensive and anti-historical utterances’ of the singer. The Metropolitan said that John’s assertions ‘had dared insult the Person of the God-man, the incarnate, crucified and risen Son of God, ascribing to Him Elton John’s own psychopathological deviations’. The Metropolitan considered that John’s ‘provocative behaviour’ had insulted the British people, the Queen Herself and ‘blackened the age-old contribution of the British people to world art and philosophy’. He concluded by requesting that John be deprived of his title, of which he was unworthy, as he had ‘insulted the supreme Person of the Christian religion throughout the world’.

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