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Patriarch Kyrill meets the General Secretary of the Eurasian Economic Community

After receiving the ambassadors of Austria and the Jordan on 14 April, Patriarch Kyrill received Tair Mansurov, the General Secretary of the Eurasian Economic Community, on 16 April. Fr Vsevolod Chaplin, Chairman of the Synodal Department for Relations between Church and Society, took part in the meeting together with the Secretary of the Committee for Economics and Ethics.

In the course of the meeting the operations of the Eurasian Economic Community’s customs union and the general economic situation were discussed. Patriarch Kyrill mentioned how important a healthy economy was in making unnecessary the painful dislocation of migration, which so adversely affects the quality of human life.

It is hoped that the Eurasian Economic Community may one day expand further, taking in new members both from the Far East and from Central and Eastern Europe.

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