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Europe: A Union or a Confederation? For the Elite or for the People?

But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness.

(I Cor 1, 23)

The current debt crisis in the Eurozone was more or less inevitable. Originally, in the 1990s, it had been decided that only countries with a debt level of less than 60% of GNP would be allowed to take part in the euro experiment. When it was realised that high-debt countries like Italy and Belgium and even possibly France and Germany itself, would thus be excluded, this condition was dropped. This left the doors open to other high national debt countries like Greece, Ireland and Portugal to join. And now the crisis has come.

In many ways, this crisis was in any case inevitable because you cannot have a single currency, if you do not have a single political and economic system. In fact, in the nineteenth century the USA actually fought a Civil War and suffered half a million dead about this. It is doubtful if the Unionist North of the USA would have won this War, if the Southern Confederation had not been compromised by its slavery policies. (Not that Northern industrialists were morally troubled by slavery; despite the rhetoric of Lincoln, it was just a good pretext to destroy and dominate the South economically).

In other words, the United States of Europe, founded in slavish imitation of the United States of America after the American Occupation of 1945, is either about to be born or else about to die, in an economic Civil War. If the Eurozone is to succeed, it must man completely enslave all Eurozone countries (and later all EU members) to the Federal and Unionist Brussels dictatorship. Brussels is the ‘Fourth Reich’, the successor to Aachen and the First Reich of Charlemagne of 1200 years ago.

If, on the other hand, 27 European countries want their freedom back, then now is the time when they can have it, killing off the ‘Teuro’, the ‘dear euro’ as ordinary Germans who hate it call it. This would cause some good deal of economic turbulence to Europeans, it is true. However, if Europeans have the courage to do this, then they can reject the deathly European Union and its elitist, corrupt and overpaid bureaucracy, and instead have a real Europe, a Free Confederation of Sovereign Nations, from Reykjavik to Vladivostok, from Lapland to Malta.

The real question is do we want an elitist, anti-democratic, federal ‘European Union’, Hitler’s vision, or do we want a Free Confederation of the Sovereign Peoples of Europe? For and by the elite, or for and by the people? A Free Confederation of the Sovereign Peoples of Europe is, of course, a stumbling block to debt-making bankers and foolishness to money-making elitists, but the opportunity to create it is what is being decided in Europe today.

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