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Russian Hour

Dear Parishioners,

The Anglo-Russian TV portal ‘Russian Hour’ (London) in association with the Diocese of Sourozh would like to invite you to take part in a TV project called ‘There IS God!’

If you have experienced something that, for you, proved that God exists, please email your story to

If you have a few stories to tell, please choose only the one you would call a “true miracle”.

Some conditions do apply: non-fictitious stories only, the story should be coherent, and should not exceed two sides of A4.

Your story must specify where it happened (for example, the city and the country), when it happened, the circumstances, and any other applicable details.

Please supply your name and contact details. Your life stories will be adapted for the screen.

Hopefully, thanks to you, a lot of people will become convinced that ‘There IS God!’

Please send your emails to

If you do not have access to the Internet, please send your letters to:

Sourozh TV series
Russian Hour
3rd Floor
193 Wardour Street


Alexander Korobko,
‘Russian Hour’ (London) editorial office

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