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On Our Mother’s Passing

by O. (1911-2007)

We’ll gather lilies in the sun
Beside our Lord - this will be done.
We'll walk in pastures green and fair –
Everything we love will be there.

A little while, my love, till then
I'll work among my fellow men.
I'll strive to lead a life of grace
And trust in Heaven to find a place.

My feeble efforts are so poor,
I'll pray for help - He'll give me more.
I'll try and He will understand.
I'll join you in that better land.

Our treasure's gone - not far away,
I feel her near both night and day.
She gathers lilies in God's land
With loved ones - such a happy band.

Sometimes to her I quickly speak
And try her lovely face to seek.
Through tears I see her gentle smile;
My heart is comforted awhile.

Oh darling, I will not forget.
I'll try my hardest not to fret.
A little while and I will come
To meet you in that wondrous home.