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The Catholicos and Patriarch of All Georgia, Elias II, is to name the new King of Georgia in the very near future

With increasing numbers of Russian looking forward to the restoration of an authentic Russian Orthodox (and not German Lutheran, as was the case in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania) Monarchy, the following news has arrived from Georgia.

In his traditional Sunday sermon a few months ago the Catholicos and Patriarch of Georgia, Elias II, spoke of the vital need for the rebirth of the monarchy in Georgia, but did not name a specific date for this process to begin. In Georgia, his words were taken to indicate a distant prospect. However, in today’s issue of the Georgian newspaper ‘All the News’, the Rector of the Church of the Holy Cross, Archpriest Tariel Sakinchilashvili, has stated that the Patriarch will name and bless the Georgian monarch in the very near future.

‘He appeared on earth thirty years ago, when our Patriarch was enthroned’, said Fr Tariel. ‘I am convinced that Georgia will discover the name of its monarch this year. At first many will be amazed, public opinion may be divided, but in the course of about three years everything will take shape’.

‘It can be supposed that the present authorities do not desire to see the rebirth of the monarchy, however there is a readiness for such a turn of events among State organisations’.

‘The Lord’s Anointed is among us now, he became thirty when the Patriarch announced that the rebirth of the monarchy was vital. Obviously, he is a representative of the Bagration royal family and an Orthodox Christian’. Fr Tariel declined to say whether the future monarch was born in Georgia or abroad. However, he insisted that very soon Georgia will no longer have a President, but a King, and that this will come to pass not through revolution and violence, but by the will of God.

Tiflis 15/28 February 2008

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