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Over 100,000 Christians have already fled the Syrian Civil War in Homs

According to a Fides agency report of 5 June, a French bishop in Syria, Philippe Tournelle Clos, has commented that: ‘Peace will be possible in Syria when everybody tells the truth. A year after the conflict began, the situation in the country is far from what the Western media are trying to present’.

Describing the situation in Homs, which he called ‘a martyr city’, he described how the Christian quarters had been taken over by the opposition, churches have been virtually destroyed and Christian homes damaged and abandoned, their owners forced to flee. One quarter, Hamidie, has been taken over by various armed groups which have been equipped with heavy American weaponry, channelled to them through Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Most Christians (138,000) and their five bishops have fled to Damascus and the Lebanon or other areas. Few Christians remain there. Christians all over Syria fear acts of terror and extremist groups are trying to destabilise the whole country. The Bishop called the Muslim Brotherhood enemies of Syria, as they are trying to undermine the once good relations between Muslims and Christians in the country.


(Translator’s Note: It seems as if the current Civil War in Syria is leading to the purging of the country of its historic Christian population. In this it resembles other Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Egypt and Libya, where Western intervention has led to the destruction of their ancient Christian populations).

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