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Towards the Kingdom of Heaven or towards the Republic of Hell: Great Britain Stands Alone, 1940-2011

Everywhere England appears to be the creation of dead conventionalism and formalism, of soul-destroying conflicts of interests, of cold calculation, of principled reason subordinated to existing facts, and all this is mixed up with national and especially personal pride, which is only slightly mitigated by some half-virtues. And as a matter of fact, this is what England is in its actual history, in its traditional Establishment, in its foreign policy, in everything it is proud of and which others envy it for. But this is not the inner England, which is full of spiritual life and strength, full of reason and love; this is not the England of election majorities, but that of the unanimity of twelve men good and true; this is not the lawless England of baronial castles, but the spiritual England which does not allow bishops to fortify their palaces; not the England of the East India Company, but the England of missionaries; not the England of the Pitts, but the England of the Wilberforces; the England which still has tradition, poetry, the sacredness of home life, warmth of heart and Dickens, the younger brother of our Gogol; ultimately, the merry old England of Shakespeare. This England is in many ways not the same as the rest of the West....It is strong not through its Establishment, but in spite of its Establishment. There is only one question that remains unanswered: which side will win, the formalism that destroys all life, or the strength of the life that has survived, still rich and capable, if not of creating, then at least of accepting the principle of development.

A.S. Khomyakov, What foreigners think of Russia, The Muscovite, 1845

For generations the British Conservative Party has largely been dominated by the unprincipled. We only have to think of recent figures like Chamberlain, Halifax, Heath and Major. It has mostly been the Party of mammon, money and monetarism, of conformism to the tide of lucre; not often have principles or patriotism come to the fore.

Yet principles and patriotism did come to the fore in 1940. Country after country had given up against the Nazis and their Third Reich. Little Denmark capitulated within much less than two hours, supposedly mighty France capitulated within much less than two months. Then Great Britain stood alone under Churchill, who refused to negotiate with Hitler. Politics were left aside; statesmanship took over.

In 2011 Great Britain also stands alone in a European Union, now being made Federal according to the German model, the Fourth Reich, not militarily imposed by Berlin, but freely capitulated to by well-paid European elites without a bullet being fired. To our surprise, Mr Cameron has for now chosen to be a Churchill instead of a Chamberlain, and so it is David and Goliath again.

Many will now vote for him - especially if he brings back troops from their slaughter in Blair’s futile foreign wars.

The European Union now has 26 colonies in a Federalised Europe. We are not among them. We are poised to join Free and Sovereign Europe, made up of the north-western edge of Europe with Norway and Iceland, of Switzerland, Serbia and Montenegro, and of the eastern three-quarters of Europe, the East Slav lands of Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus, together with Moldova, Georgia and Armenia.

Isolated? Yes, we are isolated - standing alone on the edge of a European black hole into which 26 others have jumped. Such isolation is an excellent thing. We would be proud to be fully part of a Free and Sovereign Europe, a European Confederation founded on National Sovereignty and Local Patriotism.

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