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Fears about the Neo-Muslim World

The recent attacks on Coptic churches in Egypt have led to riots and many deaths there. 100,000 Copts have fled the country in the last six months. Australia, where there are now 70,000 Copts, is a popular destination. Although, nobody had any illusions about the utter corruption of the old pro-Western Mubarak regime, there are those who now regret at least the security it afforded to native Christians, the original inhabitants of Egypt.

Similar fears have been raised by two bishops in Syria: If the present regime collapses, there could be a bloodbath. In Damascus the Patriarch of Antioch fears the worst. Could Syria be cleansed of its native Christians, much as US-backed Israel has? The new regime in Lybia, led to victory by Western bombing raids and firing huge amounts of Western ordnance, also seems to have a heavy Muslim presence, despite the fact that the old regime’s infrastructure was used as a torture facility by Western secret services.

Churches in Libya fear the worst and point to the holocaust in Iraq where, since its ‘liberation’, over 100,000 Christians have been forced to flee the new ‘democratic’ country, fearing for their lives. Such is the fruit of the Western ‘crusade’ there, as the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, that ‘paragon’ of Christian virtue, called its invasion in 2003. As he said on 27 September 2001: ‘We must be aware of the superiority of our civilisation’. Meanwhile, in Serbia, neighbouring Italy, the province of Kosovo has been largely ethnically cleansed of its age-old Serbian Christian population by the new Western-installed Muslim terrorist regime.

Already in countries whose governments (often puppet governments) are most closely allied with the West, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, Christians are persecuted and forced to hide. According to the US State Department in Afghanistan, on 31 December 2010, there was not a single public-access Christian church (only a few private chapels and chapels inside embassy buildings or on restricted foreign military bases). Such is the state of religious freedom there, ten years since the US-led invasion. And yet 1700 US citizens have died there and 440 billion US dollars have disappeared into the black hole of Afghanistan.

All this compares very badly with the situation in the Middle East, where for over thirteen hundred years the native Orthodox Christian population, as well as Nestorians and Monophysites, generally lived side by side with Muslims, separately, discreetly, but more or less in peace. However, the native Christian populations in the Neo-Muslim world, neither Catholic nor Protestant in origin, are now, as during the medieval crusades, being much hurt by Western interference in national affairs and its condescending ‘we know best’ mentality. And, as a result, the Neo-Muslim world is now attacking those very populations with ever more violence and disastrous consequences.

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