After the Three Nightmares: An Alternative Future for Europe?

Сoдружество Eвропы (CE)
Die Konföderation Europa (KE)
La Confédération de l’Europe (CE)
The Commonwealth of Europe (CE)
La Confederazione d’Europa (CE)
La Confederación de Europa (CE)


The CE or Commonwealth of Europe (its full name being The Commonwealth of Sovereign Peoples of Christian Europe - CSPCE) was established by the free peoples of Europe in December 2014. This was the direct result of the collapse of the European Union Superstate and its currency, followed by the resignation of its President on corruption charges.

In this way the CE replaced the failed SU (Soviet Union), Third Reich and EU (European Union), centred respectively in Moscow, Berlin and Brussels. These failed empires had all been formed as direct consequences of a century of European secularist ideologies, Soviet Communism, Nazi Fascism and Liberal Capitalism. For one hundred wasted years, all three nightmares had tried, and failed, to tyrannise Europe into their ideological straitjackets. All three were the results of the catastrophic first and second European Civil Wars of the first half of the last century, themselves issued from the thousand year-old rationalist deformations of Western European history.

Contrary to the above ideologies, the CE is open to all the Christian peoples of Europe, not merely to a conquered and subservient group of nations. The CE is therefore also open to peoples who are not yet independent of the nation-states of the European past.


The CE is a Commonwealth, not a Union, it is confederate, not unionist. Membership is voluntary and democratic. It is decided on not by unrepresentative ruling elites, but by the peoples of Europe.

The member-peoples of the CE are Sovereign, that is, free and independent. No member-people may interfere in the domestic or foreign affairs of any other member-people.

The CE is open to Peoples who may not yet be independent of conglomerate European nation-states formed in the last century, such as the United Kingdom in 1921, the Republic of Italy in 1946, the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949, the Fifth French Republic in 1958, the Kingdom of Spain in 1975, and their predecessors.

The CE is Christian, that is, it is based on the traditional faith and values inherited from the One Church of the First Millennium. The CE covers geographical Europe and its vast Siberian dependency. Thus, CE territory covers one sixth of the planet, stretching over half way round the north of the globe, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Reykjavik to Vladivostok. Since the geographical centre of Europe is in Carpatho-Russia, not in its extreme western corner or elsewhere, its Capital has been established in the Carpatho-Russian capital of Uzhgorod.


The CE exists to foster spiritual freedom, peace and co-operation between member-peoples, in accordance with the ideals set out by the martyred Tsar Nicholas II in 1898. Its aims are spiritual, political and economic, ecological, social and cultural.

Worldwide, the CE hopes by its example to influence other parts of the world, which have been shaped by both the benefits and the exploitation of European colonisation and trade in the past. This is to help them form local Confederations, in order to create conditions of spiritual freedom, peace and co-operation for their member-peoples also.

31 July/13 August 2009
Righteous Joseph of Arimathea