On the Veneration of the Ancient Saints of the West:
The 1953 Decree of St John the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Western Europe.

We dwell in the disapora, in countries where of old saints pleasing to God and honoured by the Orthodox Church of Christ, struggled and were glorified through their sufferings and other ascetic feats. It is proper that we give them due honour and address ourselves to them, without at the same time cooling to the saints pleasing to God, to whom we previously turned in prayer. The holy remains of the martyrs of the first and following centuries, who were revealed as confessors of the Orthodox faith, have to this day been conserved in various places in ancient Gaul, now France, and in other countries of Western Europe. We call on all our clergy to commemorate at services at the lity and in other prayers - these saints of God, shown to be the patrons of the locality or country where a service is celebrated, and to commemorate those who are particularly honoured at the dismissal also. In particular, in the Paris area, it is fitting to commemorate the martyred Bishop Dionysius (Denis), St Genevieve, and also St Clodoald (Cloud); in Lyons the martyred Bishop Irenaeus; in Marseilles the holy martyr Victor and St Cassian; in the Toulouse area the holy martyr Saturninus, Bishop of Toulouse; in Tours Bishop Martin. In case of doubt, where the situation is unclear, clergy should contact us for elucidation and direction. It is appropriate to call on our flock to honour those who are pleasing to God.

Decree No 223, 23 April 1953.