The Spirit bloweth where it listeth (Jn. 3, 8)

A fresh wind is about to blow from the East. It is coming to blow away the great spiritual impurities of Europe, the five hundred-year old Reformation and the thousand-year old Deformation. For it is these that overlay its Orthodox Christendom, which long before replaced its paganism.

This wind is coming to the great threshing floor of Europe to sift the grain from the chaff and restore the identities which before were lost. And when the false Christianisms, which masqueraded as Orthodox Christianity, have been blown away, there will be revealed, for those who are capable of seeing it, the Orthodox Christian identity of Europe. This is what has been buried beneath the thousand-year long night of the Imperialist and Eurocentric illusions of those who, like the pagan Romans before them, have claimed that might is right.

Inherent in these illusions is the evil on which Europe was founded. This was revealed in the barbaric genocides of two European Wars, become World Wars, which slaughtered and maimed the bodies, minds and souls of hundreds of millions. These illusions are seen in the nationalist self-idolatry of those who ‘cannot’ belong to the Church of Christ because they are ‘Western’. This tribal phyletism, the attachment to the manmade identities of Europe, identities outside the transfiguring light of Christ, is the greatest obstacle to the Church for Western peoples.

This is revealed in the desire to live in tiny sect-like groups cut off from the rest of the Orthodox world. Only after this nationalist reaction comes the mature realisation that all nationalities are saved together in the Church. The fact that by reaction to those self-created World Wars, the tribes of Europe have since formed a political Union makes no difference. Now European tribalism is collectively reinforced, as it was before in the Roman Empire and then in the ‘Holy Roman Empire’, which was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire.

The wind which is to come will blow westwards from Ruthenia and Belarus, across the plains of Poland, cruelly deprived of its original Orthodox heritage a thousand years ago, through Kashubia and Polabia, to awaken the Gotlanders and the Jutlanders, the Norse and the Shetlanders far to the north, then to the Sorbs in the west, to the Saxons and the Bavarians, the Hessians and the Swabians, the Frisians and the Lowlanders, the Anglians and the Saxons, the Cornish and the Welsh, the Irish and the Manx, and the Hebrideans and the Highlanders.

It will blow westwards from Ruthenia, Wallachia and Serbia, to the Tartras and Moravia, to Bohemians and Magyars, to Carinthia and the Tyrol, to Slovenes and Dalmatians, to Liechtenstein and Helvetian valleys, to the Romansch and the Lombards, to the Milanese and the Romans, to the Occitans and the Auvergnats, the much-tried Vendeens and at last to the Bretons, westwards from Hellas across the sea to the Calabrians and the Sicilians, the Sardinians and the Corsicans, the Minorcans and the Catalans, the Andorrans and the Basques, the Leonese and the Asturians, the Galicians and the Lusitanians.

This wind will blow westwards to the Atlantic, to the furthest reaches of the isles of the West, to the mists of Torshavn in the Faeroes and Norse Reykjavik, to the sun of Madeiran Funchal and Hispanic Las Palmas. And from there it will blow around the whole Europeanised earth. It will blow to free all that that are not yet spiritually dead from the oppression that trampled their identities centuries ago underfoot.

It will blow to awaken their consciences, to restore their nobility and honour. It will tell them that they too are now freed to confess once more the ancient Christian Faith of their distant ancestors. For this is our Faith, repressed for a thousand years, before all was made imperial and central by the revived pagan Roman empire, then by those who emulated it in their nationalist empires, finally by those who by treaties revived the bread and circuses of the pagan Roman nightmare once more.

This wind that will blow from the East comes from the 600 hierarchs, the 40,000 priests, the 120,000 religious and the millions of lay martyrs, who were condemned by those who thought that the Western way was better than their own God-granted way. But it is only this wind that will bring the first day of freedom in the West.

14/27 July 2009
Grand Prince Vladimir, Equal to the Apostles