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The Lord's Prayer is that special prayer given to us by the Saviour Himself. Thus, any deformation of its meaning is a sign of a falling away from Christ. In today's world where many men of power speak of the values of a 'New World Order', the tendency is not only towards a deformation of the meaning of the Lord's Prayer, but a complete reversal of its values. Below we describe what we understand to be this tendency. We stress that it is still only a tendency and not yet implemented in full. However, it is good to be prepared and we pray that this tendency may not wholly come to pass.


'Our' will be a word monopolized by the elite of the new world order. For the subjects governed by the order, it will be replaced by 'my'. With the individualism of those subject to the new world order, nothing will be held in common, 'our' will no longer exist. In this way, the authorities of the new world order, following the maxim, 'divide and rule', will be able to exercise full control over all. Those who once formed communities will be divided and so will be controlled and manipulated.


As for the word 'Father', it will be made into a synonym for tyranny and abuse. The new world order will not allow the use of the word 'Father', for the father of the new world order is its satanic father. Without the love of the Father, to Whom the subjects of the new order used to pray, the world will fall into chaos. The new world order will then be able to bring its own order, and individuals will surrender their freedom to the order in exchange for the security given by their 'father'. Then the new feudalism will begin. Without the Fatherhood of God, there will be no Motherhood of woman and no Brotherhood of man, merely sterile, self-centred individualism under central control.

Which art

The word 'art', and also 'Thou', 'Thee', 'Thy' and 'Thine', will no longer be understood. The new world order will put such a distance between the world and God that the world will no longer use the intimate 'Thou'. 'Thou' will no longer be used for Him, because the new order will live however it pleases. The world will have no contact with God, because He will be excluded from modern, limited, tiny minds and His death will be declared. The new world order will impose its freedom - freedom from the interference of the Love of God, and instead it will possess the freedom to hate and annihilate all things.

in heaven,

The new world order will proclaim that heaven does not exist. No-one will therefore be able to 'be in heaven'. The only world will be the here and now, the world of the new world order. Human-beings will become prisoners of time and space and the powers to which time and space are submitted - prisoners of the new world order. There will be no 'heaven', no ideal, only the prison of hopeless cynicism and bitter and black despair.

hallowed be Thy Name.

The new world order will continually take the Name of God in vain. This Name will not be hallowed, but will become a banal term of surprise and abuse. Thus the new world order will not hallow, but instead unhallow the holy and saving Name of God and all things which were once subject to the Name.

Thy kingdom come,

The new world order will not want the Kingdom of the Father to come. It will want to have its own kingdom, to live as it pleases. Even though it knows that it will destroy the planet, making inevitable the Coming of the Kingdom, illogically, it will still reject that inevitable Kingdom of the Father.

Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

The new world order will not do the will of the Father. It will do the opposite and thus create not heaven on earth, which is the plea of the Lord's Prayer, but hell on earth. The new world order will pray to the father of lies, and ask that his will be done on earth, as it is in hell, for hell is where he keeps the laws, which must be extended to the earth according to his ancient plan.

Give us this day our daily bread;

The new world order will refuse to give literal bread to mankind. With artificial scourges, wars, famines and chemical intoxication, it will make sure that millions will die of starvation every year. There will be money for billions of guns, but never enough money for five loaves to feed the masses. As regards the true, spiritual sense of the Lord's Prayer, the new world order will provide no understanding that daily bread means the Body of Christ. Under its all-pervading influence, even those primitives who will still weakly believe in the Eucharist will mostly stand silently and refuse to take communion. Yes, they will still try and pray that they be given not yearly, monthly or weekly bread, but daily bread, and yet will not accept this gift even yearly or monthly, let alone weekly and daily.

And forgive us our trespasses,

Why ask for forgiveness? The new world order will do nothing wrong, as will be proved by its total control of the media through 'shock and awe'. The new world order will be too important and infallible, too rational and scientific, to ask for forgiveness. The new world order will be justified because it will be modern and in full control. In the new world order there will be no trespasses and therefore no forgiveness will be needed.

as we forgive them that trespass against us;

The new world order will not need to forgive, for it will eliminate all those who trespass against it. Just as there will be no reason to ask for forgiveness, so there will be no reason to forgive.

and lead us not into temptation,

On the contrary, the new world order will command: Lead them all into temptation constantly, all of them. When they are still children, the new world order will steal away their innocence from them, bombarding them with 500 channels of junk television, giving them internet pornography by computer and mobile phone, exposing them to foul lessons in schools, selling them evil magazines and newspapers and showing them billboards covered with filth. In this way the prodigals so conditioned will never be inclined to prayer, or to knowledge of goodness, beauty and truth, which might raise them up above the level of the swine, whose food they will eat. It will corrupt them with the evil examples of their leaders, so that they will fall, and never, never, never be able to raise themselves up again. In a word, the new world order will take their souls, and then give them back to them, dead.

but deliver us from the evil one.

The new world order will so fully manipulate through the black grace of its father, the evil one, that it will not even admit of his existence. Belief in the devil - how old-fashioned! The only evil will be that of those primitives who disagree with the modern and politically correct, who refuse the new world order. And they will be eliminated.

For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory:

The new world order will say: No, no, the kingdom is all mine, the power is all mine and the glory is all mine! It will say: I will fight to get it all for myself, and it will all come to us, the kingdom to our politicians, the power to our businessmen, the glory to our celebrity stars, but never to Thee!

of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,

A Divine Trinity. This cannot be, this does not accord with the ideology of the new world order. A Holy Trinity Whose essence is Love, where all is shared, but each has his own personality? This most dangerous revelation of Love, Sharedness and Holiness is against all the dogmas of the new world order, which believes, logically, in hatred, division and unholiness.

now and ever, and unto the ages of ages.

For always? No, the new world order will claim eternity as its captive, now and always and always and always.


So be it? No, it will not be so. The new world order will transform all things and make them in the image of the one in whom the world lies, the father of lies. The new world order will take its orders from its father. It will be so.

And the gates of hell shall not prevail.

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