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Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer...
If a man says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar’

(1 Jn 3, 15 and 4, 20)

A psychopathic freemason has massacred 76 people in Norway. From the accounts of his ruthless and calculated outrages, it is clear that that he is inhabited by demons. No ‘ordinary’ murderer, impelled by passion or greed, could have carried out these acts of cold-hearted bestiality.

His evil is in a long line of evils carried out in the name of ‘Christian’ Western culture against both other Europeans and Non-Europeans. Calling himself a ‘Knight Templar’, this ‘Crusader’ was inspired by the anti-Muslim, colonial Crusades which began at the end of the 11th century. This was when the ‘West’, having first cut itself off from His Church, imagined itself to be infallibly superior to Christ and so empowered to destroy everything in its path. Massacring Jews in the Rhineland in 1096, the first Crusaders went on to massacre others, Muslims and Orthodox Christians, in the Holy Land. Any who refused to accept their arrogance were slaughtered, as later in 1204, when the Crusaders sacked the Capital of Christendom, New Rome or Constantinople, the greatest city in the world.

This Norwegian monster is heir to a long line of Western psychopaths, from William of Normandy to the Crusaders, from the Teutonic Knights to Columbus, from the Conquistadors to Clive of India, from General Custer to the KKK, from Hitler to modern Western crusaders who slaughter Serbs, Afghans, Iraqis and now Libyans, in order to gain strategic positions and then strip the invaded of their mineral resources. Once the excuse given for this imperialism was to make the subjugated into ‘Christians’, now the excuse given for bombing people back to the Stone Age is to enable them to die in ‘freedom and democracy’.

Sadly, this Norwegian Nazi is an integral part of a certain aspect of Western culture. Although he is an extreme case, as a freemason, he belongs to that same group of people who have corrupted the British police, judiciary, politicians and media and been the subject of so much attention in recent weeks in the UK. This psychopath has a long history of predecessors. He wanted to start a revolution in Western Europe, one which would finish in the year 2083, in order to redeem Western culture of some of its decadence and errors. This will not happen through examples of murdering hatred - it could only ever happen through examples of redeeming love. Ironically, he is an essential part of the very Western decadence and errors, of imagined Western infallibility, that he wished to eradicate.

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