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One Thousand Words on the Potential Re-emergence of Christian Civilisation

With the collapse, nearly a generation ago now, of the Western materialist ideology of Mordechai Marks (‘Karl Marx’) in the Russian lands, we have since begun to see the potential Restoration of Christendom over the whole Orthosphere. In other words, we are beginning to see the potential Re-emergence of the Orthodox Christian Lands, of the Orthodox world, as a Civilisational force. Once Reconstituted, this force, centred in Northern Eurasia, could influence for the good the rest of the world, both East and West, pulling it back at the last moment from its self-inflicted Armageddon. However, we stress the word ‘potential’, because that, for the moment, is all that it is. There is very far to go and the many hangovers of Soviet materialism have yet to be conquered.

Yesterday’s great enemy of Orthodox Christian Civilisation was Islam – a fanatical nationalistic religion of the East, born from the hereticisation of Orthodox Christianity there. Today’s great enemy of Orthodox Christian Civilisation is Secularism – the fanatical nationalistic religion of the West, born from the hereticisation of Orthodox Christianity there. This Secularism has evolved out of the West’s millennial anti-Trinitarian degeneration. First of all, it degenerated Orthodoxy into Catholicism (the rejection of the Holy Spirit, replaced by the pope of Rome), then into Protestantism (the rejection of the Son, replaced by the human ‘Jesus’) and finally into Post-Protestantism, that is, Secularism (the rejection of the Father, replaced by the cult of the human-being).

In such a way, Orthodox Christianity in the West has been deformed into Anti-Trinitarianism, a type of Anti-Salvation. This is the exact opposite of what the Orthodox West could and did provide in its first centuries after Christ. Today, salvation is set to become impossible there. This will cause an exodus of spiritual refugees to Russia, as is beginning now. This Secularism is based on Mammonism, the worship of the Capitalist dollar. It works through its two arms, Consumerism - the cult of material things - (= bread) and Hedonism - ‘fun’, sport and entertainment - (= circuses). Although it is written that we shall not live by bread alone and we are called to save our souls, mammon, bread and circuses are the visible testimony to the Unholy Trinity of Secularism, Consumerism and Hedonism.

Those parts of the Orthosphere, the Orthodox world - 80% of it - which have retained a certain level of faithfulness to Christianity - the Church of the Russian Lands (multinational and multilingual Rus, which also includes Eastern Poland, Slovakia and the worldwide Russian Orthodox Diaspora), the Churches of Serbia and Georgia and the Patriarchate of Jerusalem - have much to do to rebuild Orthodox Civilisation. They have to pass from nominalism to practice, eliminating the cruel heritage of their recent past and the indebtedness of banking slavery now being foisted on them. All are under attack, especially in the Ukraine, Georgia and the Serbian Lands, the last of which have been cruelly divided by premeditated Western interventionism in the last twenty years.

Other parts of the Orthodox world – the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Churches of Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Romania, the Patriarchates of Antioch and Alexandria, and the Church of Bulgaria - have even more to do to restore Orthodoxy. In many respects, more exposed to the enslavement of Western influence in the last century, in part they have become the playthings of the old Western ideology of nationalism, whose aim is to divide and rule. Thus distracted and provincialised, these Local Churches have tended to put their own local interests above those of the greater Orthosphere. Concentrating on their own trees, they have tended to let out of sight the great, green Orthodox forest. Introverted, they have all too often missed the big picture.

‘Balkanised’ in this way, these Local Churches are often quite unequipped to fight against the new Western ideology of internationalism, which is called ‘Globalisation’. This is also true of former parts of the Orthosphere, in particular, of Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Armenia. Here we would also include relatively traditional parts of Western Europe, especially in the Mediterranean, where parts of the Orthodox Tradition of the first millennium have survived despite the imperialism of the Protestant North and the fifty-year old protestantisation of apostatic Catholicism. In these lands too, nationalism has distracted from the main task and so they too have been separated from the Body of the Church to be divided and ruled by the powers of this world.

The witness of Christendom, that is, of Orthodox Civilisation, of the Orthodox world, has been quite forgotten, purposely buried and overlaid by the West, which has been all astray for a thousand years. It imagines in its proud delusions of greatness that its minimalist and deviating ‘Christianisms’, the humanistic inventions of the second millennium, are actual Christianity, when they are much less than that. This Orthodox Christian witness is to affirm that the Resurrection exists, that man has an immortal soul and a body which will be raised from death. If the West wishes to partake of the Resurrection unto Life, it has to accept the Church and Her Baptism, instead of arrogantly insisting on its own innately hypocritical and secularist ways.

We say Baptism, because the West was once baptised, but is no more. The Post-Protestant or Secular mentality took it captive in the last century. Equally, if the East, with its many cultures, all Non-Christian, wishes to partake of the Resurrection, it first has to accept Baptism, which it has not yet accepted. As all accelerates, in the coming years we shall see whether Orthodox Christian Civilisation is capable of fighting off Secularism and so re-emerging. If so, it will be capable of reconstituting itself around a New Jerusalem in the Eurasian North and will radiate its influence to East and West alike, so slowing the coming Apocalypse. However, if it is not capable of this, it will dissolve - and the end of the world will follow soon.

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