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Pussy Riot Revealed

‘If Yeltsin is followed by a Non-Communist (and not by Gorbachev either), then after him or after the second or third President, there will be a Tsar again...But this is only possible if there are more Orthodox, if the Church develops, is missionary-minded, brings up children in the spirit of Orthodoxy. If it is all only outward, then the Communists may return...’

Eldress Sepfora of Klykovo (1895-1997)

The West loves to belittle Russia with any number of myths. For example: Vodka is not Russian - it is Polish. Serfdom is not Russian – it was introduced by Westernised and Western rulers in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries – and abolished by Russian rulers in the nineteenth century, before the USA abolished slavery. Russian roulette is not Russian - it was invented in 1937 by an American. And as for Pussy Riot, as its very name suggests, it has simply all been just another Russophobic Western provocation.

Yesterday, on 10 October, Ekaterina Samutsevich, one of the three women in the fictitious ‘Punk Group’, who had taken part in a blasphemous protest in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow over six months ago was freed - her two-year sentence made conditional. This was after she had changed lawyers. The new lawyer told the truth in court about her – that she had not even taken part in the blasphemous protest. Her former lawyer, Violeta Volkova, had not wanted to mention this fact, preferring rather to make her client into her victim – an excuse for political protest. Her defence had not wanted her freedom, preferring her martyrdom.

Another lawyer, Irina Khrunova, admitted that with the right pleas and expression of remorse, the other two victims of this political manipulation could have been freed as well through earning conditional sentences. In other words the lawyers had faced a choice – to obtain for their clients minimum sentences or else maximum publicity. We know that they chose the latter course. All this was a result of being shackled to their secularist ideology. They preferred imprisonment and PR for their clients rather than freedom and truth.

Fortunately, one of the women ended up by showing some common sense. In that way she also showed that this whole show was no more than a political manipulation on the part of the enemies of Russia and the enemies of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Told you so...

Archpriest Andrew Phillips

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