Prophecies Of St Seraphim Of Vyritsa (1866-1949)

The Elder said that a time will come (it is already coming!) when the debauchery and moral decline of the young will reach their ultimate point. Virtually no-one will remain uncorrupted. Seeing their impunity, the young will consider that everything is permitted them for the satisfaction of their whims and lusts. They will begin to gather in groups and gangs, stealing and debauching themselves. But a time will come when the voice of God will be heard, when the young will understand that it is not possible to go on living in that way. They will come to the faith in various ways, drawn ever more strongly to the ascetic life. Those who before were sinners and drunkards will fill the churches and greatly thirst for spiritual life. Many of them will become monks. Monasteries will open, churches will be filled with the faithful. Then young people will go on pilgrimages. It will be a glorious time! The repentance of those that sin now will be all the more ardent...

The storm will pass over the Russian land,
The Lord will forgive the Russian people their sins.
And in Divine and Holy beauty the Cross
Will shine brightly above the Church of God once more.
And the ringing of bells will awaken
All our Holy Rus to salvation from the slumber of sin.
Holy monasteries will open anew,
And faith in God will unite all.

The salvation of the world is from Russia. St Petersburg will become the spiritual centre of the country. There will be more great events in Russia - the opening and glorification of holy relics in St Petersburg - a great joy for the whole world...

The Orient will be baptized in Russia. The whole heavenly world is praying for the enlightenment of the Orient.

A time will come when there will be a spiritual flowering in Russia. Many churches and monasteries will open, even those of other faiths will come to us in ships to be baptized. But this will not last long - for about fifteen years, then Antichrist will come ...

The time will come when there will be no persecution, but money and the attractions of this world will draw people away from God and many more souls will perish than during the period of open militant atheism. On the one hand, they will raise up crosses and gild cupolas, but on the other hand, the kingdom of lies and evil will come. The True Church will always be persecuted. Salvation will only be possible through sorrows and illness, persecutions will take on a very refined and unpredictable character. It will be terrible to live to those times.

A time will come when Russia will be torn apart. First they will split her up, then they will start to plunder her wealth. The West will in every way try to further Russia’s destruction and hand over her eastern part to China. The Far East will fall into the hands of the Japanese. Siberia will fall to the Chinese, who will start to settle in Russia, marry Russians and eventually, through cunning and craft, occupy all Siberia as far as the Urals. When China tries to go further, the West will oppose it.

Many countries will fall on Russia, but she will survive, though losing a great part of her territory. That war, foretold by the Holy Scriptures, will bring about the unity of mankind. People will understand that it will be impossible to go on, otherwise every living thing will die. They will elect a single government – this will be the antichamber for the reign of Antichrist. Then the persecution of Christians will begin...

Among the disciples of St Seraphim, there were two eldresses, Pulcheria and Alexandra. Both had the gift of clairvoyance and the same gift of prophecy as their spiritual father. Of the future they said the following:

Much blood will be shed inside our country during a war with peoples of the Caucasus. A time will come when they will take away the red flags…the rule of the House of Romanov will not come all at once, there will a time of transition. Then Russia will be ungovernable, there will be a power struggle in Russia. At a difficult time for Russia someone who has been miraculously saved from the House of Romanov will come to power...

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