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Can Russia save Europe from America?

‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

Introduction: ‘Russia’

‘What absurd title is this? Russia cannot even save itself, let alone Europe’. ‘And how does Europe need saving from America?’ So some might ask. After all, post-Soviet Russia is still in the grip of crime and corruption, pornography and abortion, and is rapidly becoming as addicted to consumerism as Europe and America. What hope can there be from Russia, the land of bureaucracy and bribes, of Soviet inhumanity and amorality? All this may be true, but there is also another Russia, an Alternative Russia, a White Russia.

‘White Russia’ is that envisioned, but not attained, by the best of those who refused Red Russia. ‘White Russia’ is the leader of the Orthodox Christendom which never left Christ and never replaced His Church with the human institution of the Grand Inquisitor. And it is White Russia which, if it triumphs over post-Soviet Russia, will be a saving Russia. For it is White Russia which is defined as that which saved Soviet Russia from Western materialist Communism and so can save Russia and Europe and America from Western materialist Consumerism, saving the West from the West. Let us therefore define what we mean by ‘Europe’ and ‘America’.


‘Europe’ was invented by Charlemagne in the late eighth century as a political rival to Orthodox Christendom. The latter, multinational and multilingual, was centred in New Rome. It united Europe and Asia, its symbol therefore was the double-headed eagle looking east and west. Conversely, Charlemagne’s Europe was the renovation of Old, Pagan Rome (with himself in charge), precisely in opposition to New, Christian Rome, Constantinople. Thus, Charlemagne’s Europe was from the outset built on opposition to the Church and Orthodox Christendom.

Charlemagne based his political project of ‘Europe’, that is, the unity of parts of the tip of the Western peninsula of the Eurasian Continent, on the ideology of the filioque, a self-justifying excuse. This was the new and anti-Biblical concept, introduced to Charlemagne by ignorant Spanish advisors that the Holy Spirit proceeds eternally from Christ. When the barbarian Charlemagne heard this, he realised that if he could make the popes of Rome into all-powerful vicars of Christ, then, according to the filioque, then all spiritual authority would come from those popes. And he who like Charlemagne was in charge of appointing and controlling the popes would thus be god on earth.

Charlemagne failed miserably in his task. Orthodoxy was still much too strong in Europe. However, 250 years later his spiritual descendants succeeded where he had failed. Armed with the filioque heresy and the misbelief that the popes of Rome had replaced Christ, in 1054 the leaders of Europe left the Church for their delusions of violence. So Europe began its slaughter of all who were not ‘Catholic’, in Sicily, southern Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Hungary, the Holy Land, Denmark, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Central Europe, the Baltic, Eastern Europe and Cyprus. And six generations later, in 1204, it laid waste to the capital of Christendom, New Rome itself, making itself a worse enemy of Christ and His Church than Islam.

In this way, Constantinople, with the Anatolian and Balkan parts of its Christian Empire, had fallen to Islam by 1453. Despite this and its earlier ‘crusades’ and despite the fact that over a century later the Muslims were at the gates of Vienna, ‘Europe’ still did not realise that Islam, and not Orthodox Christendom, was its real enemy. Indeed, all this time Europe still continued to attack the successor of New Rome, the Orthodox Christendom of the Third Rome of Muscovy, through Teutonic ‘crusades’ and Polish invaders.

Indeed, Europe was now intent on continued world domination and continued slaughter in its new colonies in the Americas and launched its campaign of slavery in Africa and elsewhere. Thus, Europe continued to support Islamic genocide in the Balkans, Ottoman janissaries and the Crimean War, so that Muslim Turkey fought with Germany in the Kaiser’s War. And at this time Europe quietly covered up and even supported Turkey’s Armenian and Greek genocides. The support of Europe for Islam over the centuries means that the present Islamisation of Europe is Europe’s own fault. Europe has punished itself with its own sin. The tens of millions of Muslims in countless ghettos in Berlin, Brussels and Bradford, in Leicester, Lyons and London, in Paris, Roubaix, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Marseilles and increasingly in Spain and Italy are all there because Europe has preferred Islam to the Church and Orthodox Christendom. Jihad is merely the mirror image of Europe’s ‘crusades’. It is of Europe’s own making and its own punishment.


Some Europeans are anti-American. This is strange, for Europe gave birth to America. America is the invention of Europe and the vast majority of Americans are of European descent. Indeed, European anti-Americanism sounds like a European excuse to avoid taking the blame for Europe’s own faults. In any case, did not America save Europe from itself twice in the last century, in 1918 and again in 1945? Here, the cynic may object.

Whatever the enormous sacrifices of ordinary Americans on behalf of Europeans in defeating their tribal hatreds, surely the American government only entered those wars for its own benefit? The cynic would argue that the US government entered the First European War only when Russia had left it in March 1917 after the American-financed Revolution, when it was assured that Europe would become dependent on it. And that the US government only entered the Second European War late in 1941, when it was assured that in this way it could dismantle the last European Empires, making Europe its colony. This would be vital if the Red Star forces of the SU (Soviet Union) defeated the Nazis, in which case the White Star forces of the US would have to intervene in order to keep Western Europe as its Eurasian bridgehead. This is what happened in 1945 with the US occupation of Europe. And having saved Europe from Fascism, the US also saved it from Communism.

But all this came at a price for Western Europe. From 1945 onwards, under the camouflage of ‘democracy’, there began the American military and cultural colonisation of Europe, just like the US colonisation of Latin America, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, South Vietnam and now Iraq and Afghanistan with their puppet leaders. After 1945 Western Europe lost its sovereignty for the mess of pottage of US colonisation. Then began the ‘Westernisation of the West’, with the imposition of the US-designed ‘European Community’ and later ‘European Union’ on Europe. This is the United States of Europe, by its Unionist and anti-Confederal ethos clearly a US invention. The US chose Charlemagne’s Europe of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman, rejecting the vision of a authentic and sovereign Pan-European Confederation of Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972), as outlined in his Paneuropa of 1923. It wanted something it could Americanise, making it into its ‘vassal’, in the words of the US geostrategist Brzezinski.

All this also came at a price for Orthodox Christendom. Already, long before the First European War, Great Britain and France had begun to foment schism and Uniatism among the Orthodox allies of Imperial Russia, in Constantinople and Jerusalem, in the Lebanon and Syria, in Cyprus and Greece, in Bulgaria and Romania. This continued after 1918 with the forced introduction of the Catholic/Anglican calendar by a British-trained agent among most of those allies. During the Second World War, Great Britain even switched sides and supported the Yugoslav Communists against the Serbian Orthodox. After 1945, making use of the Soviet captivity of Orthodox Russia, the anti-Orthodox policies of the US government and its UK ally continued. Firstly, they supported the Turkish enemy of Greece and Cyprus, despite the anti-Greek movements of 1950s Istanbul and Nicosia. Secondly, during the 1974 invasion and occupation of northern Cyprus, British troops in their Cypriot bases simply stood by and let the Turks wreak their havoc. Thirdly, a generation later, they created American/NATO protectorates in ex-Yugoslavia, in Bosnia and southern Serbia (Kosovo).

The price was that these latter protectorates would become the ganglands of Muslim terrorists and drug-dealers. But in all this there was nothing new. All this was in the long European tradition of supporting Islam against the Church and Orthodox Christendom. Indeed, the US government immediately set about filling post-Soviet Russia with its pseudo-Christian ‘missionaries’ and surrounding it with tin pot dictators and puppets in the Ukraine and Georgia, continuing the same policies it had long applied in the banana republics of Latin America, Vietnam and South Korea.

All this happened despite the support in 1917 by Balfour’s bankrupt Great Britain and then after 1945 by the US government for the Israelis, who stole a whole country from the Palestinians. All this happened despite the Islamic attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in 2001. All this happened despite the failed ‘crusades’ in Iraq and Afghanistan against the CIA puppet Saddam Hussein and the ‘Taliban’, who had been trained and armed to the teeth by the CIA at a cost of some 10 billion dollars in the earlier anti-Soviet Afghan War. All this happened despite today’s US bankruptcy, the self-punishment for the hubris of the land which fought it was a Superpower, when in reality the only Superpower is the Kingdom of God.

Can Orthodoxy save Catholicism from Protestantisation?

So far we have spoken only of salvation in superficial terms, in terms of Russia, Europe and America. However, the essence of the problem is not in mere geography, it is in belief. Russia can do nothing without Orthodoxy, as we saw in the Second World War. But if all Russia, the kernel and protector of all Orthodox Christendom, returns to Orthodoxy, then it can witness to Europe and Catholicism and then Europe can witness to Protestant America. However, will Catholicism listen to the Church?

For almost fifty years Catholicism, seduced by the world, has let itself be Protestantised and Americanised. There are those in the Catholic world, like the elderly Pope Benedict XVI, who have more than a vague intuition of the foolishness of this policy of Self-Protestantisation, undertaken by the Vatican fifty years ago. Then the Vatican swam with the US ‘democratic’ tide and lost, even though the anti-Communist, US-installed Polish Pope John-Paul II gave the Vatican a moment of influence in the 1980s. Today the Vatican has been cast aside by the US government as an irrelevant plaything, which has served its purpose, for Eastern Europe is now a US colony.

So Catholicism is at a turning point. Either it will continue to Protestantise itself with a ‘Vatican III’, dissolving itself into the Protestant anti-civilisation of MacWorld in all its terrible fullness, or else it will return to Orthodoxy. The latter may seem highly unlikely. It would mean the Vatican repenting for Charlemagne and his revival of paganism, for Papism and the Crusades, for 1204 and 1453, for the Teutonic Knights and the Reformation – for it was the Vatican which gave birth to Protestantism - for Uniatism and the Crimean War, for Vatican collusion with Bolshevism and the Nazis and twice with the genocidal Croats. And it would mean repenting for all the centuries of misery it caused in obligatory clerical celibacy, resulting in drawing pedophiles to its priesthood.

Above all, it would mean formally abjuring its essential ideological poison, called heresy, of the filioque. It would mean ridding itself forever of the political ideology which gave rise to Catholicism and so returning to the Conciliar, ‘Katholiki’, Church of the Apostles. For the filioque heresy is no abstract argument of hair-splitting, academic ‘theologians’, it is about a change of way of life, which led Europe from peace and prayer to a thousand years of bloodshed and delusion. Although this would surely be too self-destructive for the Vatican machine itself, perhaps it would not be so for many ordinary Catholics. At least for those Catholics who, defying the delusion of charismaticism, still have a sense of tradition and of the sacred, of the Body of Christ and His Mother, of the saints and the sacraments.

The alternative is the continued Protestantisation, that is Americanisation, of Catholicism, with its full secularisation of desacralisation and feminisation of clergy and men. This will mean the acceptance of the culture of mammon, sex and violence of MacWorld and its shallow hedonism, called entertainment or ‘fun’. The acceptance of MacWorld is essential if the ideology of globalist consumerism, i.e. the hedonist self-gratification of bread and circuses, is to enslave Catholic Europe totally, as it has already enslaved America itself.

It is this democratic totalitarianism, the intellectual terrorism of political correctness and the dumbed-down ‘educational’ system of MacWorld, which are all designed to manipulate the masses. They provide the essentials of the contemporary globalist anti-civilisation, which is designed to deaden the souls of all, so that unitary global control will become possible. Modern Protestantism has all but given way to this anti-civilisation, of which it was the founder through its inherent desacralisation. The only hope for Catholicism is in heeding the voice of the Church in Orthodoxy, which is Europe’s own first millennium, and becoming White once more. But what does ‘White’ mean?

The Alternative: White Russia, White Europe and White America

There is a White Russia which gallantly fought against the Revolution of 1917, imported from Europe by a jealous and Westernised upper class which had lost its faith. And although by no means all who were called White were really so, White Russia was the first victim of revolutionary Russia. There is also a White Europe, a White Holland, a White Norway, a White Ireland, a White Portugal, a White Austria, a White Poland, a White Denmark, a White Sardinia, a White Scotland, a White Aragon, a White Galicia, a White Hungary and a White Sweden.

There is a White Saxony and a White Bavaria and countless other Germanic White Principalities, which fought against Prussification, unification and militarisation before 1870. And White Germany, later called the Germany of ‘the White Rose’, was the first victim of its tyrants.

There is a White France, which rejected the Revolution of 1789 and fought gallantly in the Vendee and Brittany for ‘foi, roi et loi’, faith, the king and the law, against the genocidal revolutionaries and their columns from hell. And White France was the first victim of revolutionary France.

There is a White England, which rejects the imposition of Protestant Dutch and German usurpers, so ingloriously imposed in 1688. It also rejects all those other usurpers who preceded them, the power-crazed Cromwells, the murderous Tudors, the French Plantagenets and the Norman French, and looks back to the White Christ of Alfred the Great. And White England was the first victim of revolutionary Britain. There is a White America (clearly, as can be seen above, we do not mean this in any racial sense). White America is that of both anti-Imperialist leftists like Noam Chomsky and patriotic rightists like Pat Buchanan. White America is that which does not behave like Pagan Rome, the US government ideology which it inherited from European colonists like Brezinski, sending its legions out to patrol and expand its worldwide Empire. And ‘White America’ is the first victim of the US Federal government.


As we said at the outset, Russia can save no-one, not even itself. However, Christ can save Russia through White Russia. And Christ can save Europe through White Europe, recalled to existence by White Russia. And Christ can save America through White America, recalled to existence by White Europe and White Russia. Christ can save them all, but only if Russia and Europe and America want to be saved by Him.

In other words, Russia can be saved, as can Europe and America. Russia can be saved and redeemed, but only by returning to her roots in Orthodox Christendom. Europe can be saved and redeemed, but only by returning to her roots in Orthodox Christendom. And America can be saved and redeemed, but only by returning to her roots in a saved and redeemed Europe.

Archpriest Andrew Phillips,
Chateaubriant, France

15/28 July 2010,
St Vladimir, Enlightener of Rus

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