Fr Sampson


Of course my main and fundamental mission is that everyone, everyone might be saved and dwell in joy

(Vol 3, Part 2, P.26)

There remains only a little time to live. Do not waste time on futilities, make haste to live for God. Russia will become small, as in the times of Ivan the Terrible and the border will be along the Pechora. (A prophecy made shortly before Father Sampson died. Today's Russian border with the Baltic States and Belorussia is in fact near the Pechora. Y.A. P.108)

We all want to be Christians, but we do not want to carry out the law of love (Y.A., P.34)

Knowledge and the knowledge of God are two different things (Y.A., P. 46)

Humility is the source of wisdom (Y.A., P. 48)

Learn, learn, learn to pray the Jesus Prayer - walking, resting (lying down, alone). On your way to work, from work, in the fields, when you go for a walk, when you go to the market, when you go to church or seek solitude. (Y.A., P.60)

Understand that to live for your job is to dry yourself out, to dry up spiritually, to die slowly. (Y.A., P.61)

Remember that money is like fertiliser for your heart, prayer without alms is like a dry, unwatered tree (Y.A., P.68)

Prayer is conversation with God, it is our mirror. (Y.A., P.75)

All madness is from pride (Y.A., P.122)

Simply love Christ, love Him with all your conscience, heart, mind and will. He alone is the sense and aim and joy of life. (Y.A., P.123)

Humility does not know of submission to demons. (Y.A., P. 143)

Prayer is the salt of the day (Vol 1, P.98)

Our triumph is humility (Vol 1, P. 300)

The most difficult thing for us is to acquire humility within us. In other words, never to say anything bad about anyone. (Vol 2, P. 249)

Only prayer is the basis of happiness and conscience (Vol 3, Part 1, P.148)

Where there is no humility, there is no salvation (Vol 3, Part 1, P.259)

Always fear making others bitter. (Vol 3, Part 2, P. 319)

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