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The Syrian Golgotha Threatens the Whole Northern Hemisphere

Behind the smokescreen of the Olympics circus, a tragedy is unfolding. It is not the tragedy of the massacres in Bahrain or the riots of the poor in Spain, conveniently ignored by the highly selective Western media; it is the tragedy in Syria.

The background to this goes back generations to British permission for anti-Christian Islamic massacres in the Balkans in the 19th century and Western colonialism in the Middle East after the carve-up there of the Ottoman Empire almost a century ago. However, the fact that this war has broken out now is a result of more recent events. These go back to the massacres carried out by Saudi terrorists in the USA on the feast of St John the Baptist in September 2001.

More directly, however, there has been the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, in fact more an ‘Arab massacre’, which began in Tunisia and then spread to Egypt and Libya and elsewhere. In some countries Western interests have massively armed and supported Islamic terrorists against the dictators who formerly ruled those countries (as before, in Kosovo, where the West also installed an evil Islamist regime).

Such was the case in Libya, where the separatism of Cyrenians was supported for strategic reasons (oil and gas) by NATO. Although the Libyan dictator (once Western supported for lending his torture chambers for Western use) was toppled and murdered, according to some reports some 160,000 lives were lost in the process, mainly beneath the bombs of Western airpower. In other countries, like the Western allies of Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, where no Christian church is allowed to exist, the West has continued to support sadistic dictatorships and their oppression.

Today in Syria, an ally of anti-Western Iran, several Arab countries, especially pro-Western Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are being used as a front for the CIA to fly in arms and ammunition for terrorist groups who are opposed to the Syrian dictatorship. (This is the same technique honed by the CIA in Afghanistan, where in the 1980s it created Islamist terrorism and the mythical Al-Qaida, because it was at that time useful to it for its anti-Soviet policy). The CIA has also flown mercenaries into Syria, especially from Libya and Qatar. Thus, what was an internal civil and tribal conflict has become an international war, which could turn into a conflagration which could devour the Middle East.

It is said that 70% of the Israeli Army is now massed on the Syrian border and is only just being restrained from invasion by Washington. Meanwhile, anti-Syrian US ‘Special Forces’ are operating out of pro-Western Jordan. The CIA is also programming huge amounts of disinformation from satellite TV stations in London and Qatar and this is reproduced wholesale for the masses by the venal Western media. It is also issuing false rumours through Facebook and Twitter, which it is using extensively throughout the world as propaganda tools.

NATO is armed and ready in its Turkish bases, while Turkey (who cares about the million Armenian Christians whom Turkey massacred?) is looking on. It hopes to take more Syrian territory, which it thinks was wrongly attributed to Syria after the colonial carve-up of the Ottoman Empire. (Just as Iraq was later unjustly deprived by the British government of Kuwait, which was kept by the British, together with the Jordan, Oman and several Emirates, as a semi-colonial outpost for its oil and access to the Persian Gulf). If the US administration can win in pro-Iranian Syria, so they say, it will then look for its long-desired chance to attack its real target - Iran.

However, Iraq, seeking revenge for its recent destruction and occupation by the USA, is ready to send anti-Western jihadists into Syria. Of greater import, both Russia and especially China, now militarily strong, are supporting the Syrian Government and Army. This recalls the Orthodox prophecies which say that the day will come when China will send an army of many millions to the borders of Israel and that Turkey will fall.

For the moment, the winners in all this are the Islamist fanatics who have already brought down secularist governments in Libya and Egypt and perhaps soon in Syria. Behind the Islamists stand the US administration and its NATO/EU front (‘the international community’) which will be allowed by Islamists, for a time at least, to pump cheap oil and gas and exploit their mineral wealth. However, the great losers are the native Christians of the Middle East, as in Iraq and Syria (where some still speak Aramaic) and also in North Africa, as far south as the Sudan and Nigeria. The future is an Islamist Middle East and North Africa, leaving only a Christian enclave in the Lebanon and, as a Western colony, a nuclear Israel, armed to the teeth by the USA.

His Holiness Patriarch Ignatius of Antioch (in fact of Damascus – Antioch is in anti-Christian Turkey) has spoken of the disaster for Christians in Syria. In this he has been supported by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. He, in turn, impoverished as ever, has called on the Church of Cyprus to help the Syrian Orthodox refugees, now being exiled en masse to Beirut. However, Cyprus, like Greece, has been bankrupted by its corrupt politicians, bankers and businessmen, who supported the EU adventure.

Sadly, the native Christians of the Middle East count for nothing in the West, just as they counted for nothing for it in the Middle Ages (or for pro-Ottoman British Imperialists in the 19th century). The, having lived in peace for centuries alongside Muslims, the native Christians were massacred together with Muslims by the invading barbarian ‘crusaders’. They counted and still count for nothing in the palaces of the West because they are humble and therefore they do not share the proud Western barbarian mindset. Therefore, like all humble people, like Christ Himself, they are expendable and can be crucified.

Following the destabilisation of the Middle East caused by the invasion of Iraq / Babylon, we fear a war in the Middle East. God forbid that the arson in Iraq which caused the fire in Syria should now turn into a much wider conflagration. Because such a conflagration will burn and burn, dragging into its fiery furnace the whole northern hemisphere of Eurasia and North America.

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