Monks Discover The Foundations Of
A Tenth-Century Orthodox Monastery In Carpatho-Russia

Lvov, 30 April 2007.

Monks of the Monastery of the Archangel Michael have uncovered an Orthodox monastery dating back to the tenth century. This was the result of excavations in the village of Grushevo, now in 'Transcarpathia' in the south-west of the Ukraine. While building a new monastery in the remote Tiachevo area, monks came across stone foundations and the remains of ancient walls, on which they miraculously found intact vestiges of frescoes. They also found skeletons of monks who had perished in the Tartar-Mongol invasion of the thirteenth century. Representatives from the University of Uzhgorod and Romanian scholars have determined the age of the finds.

Historians maintain that the first Slavo-Russian printing press operated in the monastery at Grushevo, as well as a school. The monastery, then on Austro-Hungarian territory, existed until 1670, when it was finally destroyed by invading Turks.

Tranlated from the Russian - source: ITAR-TASS Press Agency