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The First and Second Titanics

How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost Thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

(Rev. 6, 10)

Introduction: The First Titanic

1912-2012. It is one hundred years since the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic sank. It sank because of the hubris and overreach of the British ruling elite. The White Star Line owners of the Titanic had to hold on to all records of transatlantic speed despite intense German competition, because ‘Britannia’ had to rule ‘the waves’. In reality, no nation rules the waves, only He who walked on the waves rules the waves, and without Him all ships, nations and empires sink.


Soon after Titanic sank in 1912, which had been a dire but ignored warning to its arrogant ruling class, the British Empire sank and all the European Empires together with it in their suicidal and genocidal Great War. Today, Europe survives, in some way become a White Star American colony over these last seventy years, a theme park of history, today holding out its begging bowl to China. Europe is shadow-haunted because Europe does not pray for its tens of millions of dead, who are the greatest crime that Europe has committed against itself.

Who prays for the repose of all the victims of the two European World Wars, of its twofold invasion and holocaust of the Russian Orthodox East, of its countless other colonial conflicts and of its abortion holocaust? Where are the lists of their names? How will Europeans answer them at the Last Judgement, when the thirty million slaughtered East Slavs and thirty million slaughtered Western Europeans ask, ‘Why did you not repent by praying for us, we who are your victims?’ The shadows of their deaths darken the lands of Europe. Europe’s lack of repentance, as constantly seen in its smug self-justification and condemnation of others, is the only reason why the clock of the time bomb of European history has not only not unwound, but continues to be wound up.

The Once Great Church Captive

In 1912 Greece, like Cyprus, was little more than a Protectorate of the British Empire, which then appointed one of its freemasons as Patriarch of Constantinople, in the attempt to protestantise the once Great Church and its Hellenic dependencies. Even the confessor of the King of Greece, George II, was a British spy. That confessor, defrocked, and King George’s children’s English nanny, whom I buried in Paris twenty-five years ago, confirmed it to me.

When the British, exhausted and bankrupted after the Second World War, gave up Greece, the USA at once took over. In their turn, they too ejected the canonical Patriarch, appointing their own American agent in Constantinople, set up the colonels’ regime to counter Communism in Greece and then made sure that Greece and Cyprus became indebted feudal vassals of the EU robber barons. Meanwhile, the North American Tributary Organisation, NATO, acting as the American Foreign Legion, continues to infiltrate all Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, dividing and ruling in North Africa and the Middle East, as far as the Himalayas.


In 1912 the Russian Orthodox Empire was still alive. But it was soon to descend into the anti-Orthodox chaos and regicide of the Soviet Union. Three generations later the Soviet Union, the blood of tens of millions from the Civil War, persecution, artificial famine, collectivisation and the Gulag on its hands, the land that also slaughtered some 200 million of its citizens in its abortion holocaust, turned into post-Soviet Russia.

So far this has still been unable to shake off all the chains of the reflexes of its self-imposed Western atheist captivity. Therefore it now struggles in corruption, not the corruption of the West where you are constantly asked to sell your soul for survival, but the endemic bribe-taking corruption of the East. This captivity and corruption are maintained by pro-Western consumerist oligarchs, who are at present attacking the Church. They are jealous of her prestige and they must discredit her, cunningly searching out as many weak links as possible. In this they are egged on by their Western ideological paymasters, who do not want her to be the Great Church that she is.

Conclusion: Avoiding a Second Titanic

The present post-Soviet transitory regime and the masses have not yet risen up to their high calling of restoring Orthodox Russia. More time is needed and no-one is surprised by this. However, only if Orthodox Russia is restored, will it at last be transfigured into the Sovereign Orthodox Commonwealth that it should be. Only then could the once Great Church be freed together with the rest of the Orthodox Balkans, from their Western-style nationalist captivity, only then can the Middle East be released from its Jewish-Muslim torment, and only then can Europe be guided back towards its Christian roots in a great act of repentance for its thousand years of towering pride. Only then will the balance of the world’s forces be restored and only then will the White Star-controlled Western world be persuaded not to founder and capsize on the iceberg of atheism like a second Titanic.

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