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Eight Unanswered Questions About Recent Events

The recent twofold ‘natural’ catastrophe in Japan (actually ‘unnatural’, because it took place in the world of fallen nature) has been compounded by a third and purely manmade catastrophe –radiation. How ironic it is that this catastrophe has happened in the only country in the world to have been the victim of nuclear bombs. These catastrophes, which have taken place in one of the richest countries of the world, have shown us how feeble we are when faced with reality. Despite all our vaunted technology, we are powerless against the forces of nature.

Poor Japanese. Whoever we are, we should have compassion, because today it is them, and tomorrow, if there is no repentance, it will be us. Like any other tragedy, the threefold Japanese tragedy is a call to prayer and repentance. It seems as though some at least in Japan are responding. There has been in Japan order, no crime and looting, much solidarity. Yet, despite this lesson, in the Western world, aggression, this time against Libya, has continued.

When it invaded Iraq, it told us that it was doing so because of weapons of mass destruction. Yet, the only weapons of mass destruction that could have been there would have been imported from Government-licensed arms merchants in Britain, France, Germany and the USA (along with the desert uniforms of the British Army, which had been sold to the Iraqi Army some years before, which is why Saddam Hussein always dressed in British Army uniform and beret). And, strangely enough, the two British personalities, the weapons inspector Dr David Kelly and the former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who opposed that invasion, both died in unexplained circumstances soon after.

And in reality, the only weapons of mass destruction ever to be found in Iraq were those brought there by the invading Western armies, the ‘crusaders’ in the words of the billionaire Italian media-controller and politician Berlusconi. (Why is this polygamist so opposed to Islam? Should he not become Muslim? Then he could legitimately have four wives at a time.)

100,000 Iraqis are said to have died so far, as many again maimed, and millions, especially native Christians, have been displaced, directly as a result of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The situation is not unlike the illegal invasion and occupation of Serbia in the 1990s, where the West also scored a great ‘victory’. There it has created a new, stolen European country, devoted to the ethnic cleansing of its native Serbs, trading in Afghan drugs and gun-running, all beneath the cloak of Islam. This is the first such European state, but it will be followed by the creation of other such statelets throughout Europe, in Bosnia, in Marseilles, in Huddersfield, in Antwerp, in Frankfurt, where sharia law and drug gangs will rule and already rule in part. A great victory for Western civilisation, indeed.

As for Afghanistan, it too has been illegally invaded and occupied and the local people who resist the invaders are called ‘insurgents’ and massacred. (Yet when France was invaded and occupied by the Nazis, we called its ‘insurgents’ resistance workers, feted them as heroes and the Nazis were deemed war criminals).

Question 1: How can we ever believe Western governments?

As regards Libya, Gadhaffi is a mad murderer, but far, far worse crimes have gone on in other African countries, in the Congo, the Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Somalia, under leaders far more brutal. Any yet the West did not and does not invade those oil-less countries. Nor does it invade China, with its nearly sixty years of occupation of Tibet and genocide there. Nor does it invade nuclear-armed Israel, with its over sixty years of occupation of Palestine, whose people still live in refugee camps. Indeed, the West subsidises and arms Israel.

Question 2: Would Western forces be intervening in Libya, if there were no oil there?

President Gadhaffi is hardly a nice man. But Western European governments have always welcomed him, rolling out the red carpet for him, arming him to the teeth, and this for decades. Indeed, four years ago Gadhaffi’s money bankrolled the electoral campaign of the French President Sarkozy, who is now his greatest enemy, encouraged by his ‘compatriot’, Bernard Henri-Levy.

Questions 3: Why for decades were Western governments so nice to someone who is apparently so horrible?

Libya itself is a purely artificial creation of Italian fascist colonialism in 1934 (Just as Iraq was an artificial creation of British colonialism, allegedly drawn up on the back of an envelope by Winston Churchill, despite all the advice to the contrary. This was the same Churchill who had earlier gassed Iraqi populations by aeroplane). Like Iraq, ‘Libya’ is also the combination of warring tribal groups who have little in common and who had always lived separately in east and west until the twentieth century. The uniting of western and eastern ‘Libya’ is like uniting France and Germany in the nineteenth century, calling it Francia, ruling it under a ruthless dictator, appointed by one of the countries concerned, and expecting peace.

Question 4: Why are bankrupt Western countries, facing huge street protests against their own government cuts in expenditure, paying out huge sums of money to attack Libya?

Question 5: If the Western Libyan population is more or less happy with Gadhaffi, why not leave them, letting the Eastern Libyans form their own State, to be called Cyrenia, or something similar?

Question 6: Why encourage the eastern tribes of ‘Libya’ to invade the territory of the western tribes?

Question 7: Will not all this lead to just another tyranny, this time of the ‘Libyan’ east over west, instead of Libyan west over east, as before?

Question 8: Is Libya just another Serbia, Afghanistan or Iraq, just another country to be bombed by Western forces, so that it can then be occupied for its strategic location and ruthlessly stripped of its natural resources?

So many unanswered questions.

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