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The volcano in Iceland has erupted, say environmentalists, because of manmade climate change. The earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and China took place, they say, because of manmade climate change.

In fact, whether they are right - as they might be - or not, is to miss the point. The point is that the volcano in Iceland once again proves just how fragile humanity is. With all our technology, from moon landings to computer power, humanity is just as dependent on the fallen world of nature as ever. The forces of nature remain much more powerful than puny humanity, which is strong only in its hubris. Like inevitable death, a hurricane, a flood, a drought or a volcano are capable of destroying everything. Then all we have left is prayer – the one reality - man face to face with his Maker.

If we are really concerned about disruption, about days and weeks and months or even years of disruption, climatic and economic, all because of one volcano, let us get down on our knees and begin praying. God can stop it all in seconds - but only if we ask Him and if we make the appropriate changes to our life which are required of us. It is called repentance. It is the only alternative to despair.

18 April 2010

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