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Wikileaks Confirms US Influence on the Patriarchate of Constantinople

The long-suspected influence of the USA on the Patriarchate of Constantinople has been confirmed by a release from Wikileaks, dated Friday, 27 May 2011.

Shedding light on the discussions between the Patriarchate and the Turkish, US and Greek governments regarding the reopening of the seminary in Halki, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople at one point told a US senator that, ‘If the Patriarchate abandons its traditional headquarters in Istanbul, then the Russian Orthodox Church will ‘fulfil its ambition of taking over’ the Ecumenical Patriarchate’. He went on to say that, ‘The Patriarchate needs protection so as not to lose face before Ankara and ‘the ambition’ of the Russians’.

For centuries the monetary plaything of the Ottoman Empire and the political plaything of the French (Catholic) and British (Protestant) embassies in Constantinople, the Patriarchate of Constantinople first fell to Western, specifically British, domination in the 1920s with the election of the freemason Metr Meliton Metaksakis as Patriarch. Refusing to recognise the holy Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow and preferring the schismatic, renovationist ‘Living Church’ of the atheists, Metr Meliton forcibly introduced the heterodox calendar and pursued an aggressive program of modernism in the Greek Churches.

With the eclipse of British Imperial power after the Second World War, the USA took over from it. Recently it tried to use Constantinople to wrest the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox world. In this it hopelessly failed. US influence also became notable in the 2006 Sourozh schism, when the propaganda expressed even in secular British newspapers openly stated that the Patriarchate of Constantinople was preferable to the Patriarchate of Moscow for ex-Anglicans, because Constantinople was ‘pro-Western, pro-American and pro-ecumenical’.

The tensions between Churches of the authentic Orthodox Tradition, conserved by the Russian (with its Polish and Czechoslovak Churches), Serbian, Georgian and Jerusalem Patriarchates, almost 85% of the Orthodox world, and a partially westernised Orthodoxy imposed on the Greek, Middle Eastern and Balkan Churches, has been ruthlessly exploited by the EU. The latter has recently done its utmost to undermine the Greek, Cypriot and Romanian Churches and has now started working on the Serbian Patriarchate, with some shocking results.

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