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Kanten (Cannen) Nov 5
8th cent. Founder of Lianganten in Powys in Wales.

Kea (Kay, Kenan) Nov 5
6th cent. A saint who gave his name to Landkey in Devon, now in England. He spent some of his life in Brittany where he is venerated as St Quay.

Kenan (Cianan) Nov 24
+ c 500. The first bishop in Ireland to build his Cathedral, at Damleag or Duleek in Meath, of stone.

Kenelm July 17
+ 821. Son of King Coenwulf of Mercia in England. By tradition he was murdered in the forest of Clent and buried in Winchcombe.

Kennera Oct 29
4th cent. An anchoress in Kirk-Kinner in Galloway in Scotland.

Kenneth (Kined) Aug 1
6th cent. A hermit who made his cell among the rocks in the Gower peninsula in Wales at a place later called Llangenydd after him.

Kenneth (Canice, Cainnech, Kenny) Oct 11
c 525-c 599. Born in the north of Ireland, he was a disciple of St Finian of Clonard and St Cadoc in Wales. He founded the monastery of Agahaboe and perhaps of Kilkenny, which is named after him. He later preached in Scotland where he was the first to build a church in the place now known as St Andrews.

Kennocha (Kyle, Enoch) March 25
+ 1007. A nun at a convent in Fife. She was held in great veneration in Scotland, especially around Glasgow.

Kentigern Mungo Jan 13
+ 612. The name Mungo means 'darling'. He began preaching in Cathures on the Clyde on the site of the city of Glasgow and was consecrated first Bishop of the Strathclyde Britons. Driven into exile, he preached around Carlisle and then went to Wales, where he stayed with St David at Menevia. Returning to Scotland, he continued his labours, making Glasgow his centre. He is venerated as the Apostle of north-west England and south-west Scotland.

Kentigerna Jan 7
+ 734. Daughter of Kelly, prince of Leinster and mother of St Coellan. After her husband's death she left Ireland and became an anchoress on the island of Inchebroida on Loch Lomond in Scotland, where a church is dedicated to her.

Kessog (Mackessog) March 10
+ c 560. Born in Cashel in Tipperary in Ireland, even as a child he is said to have worked miracles. He became a missionary and preached in Scotland, where he became a bishop. According to one tradition he was martyred at Bandry. He is the patron-saint of Lennox.

Keverne Nov 18
6th cent. A friend of St Kieran or Piran in Cornwall.

Kevin (Coemgen, Caoimhghin) June 3
+ c 618. Born in Leinster, he was a disciple of St Petroc who then lived in Ireland. He is remembered as the founder of Glendalough, one of the most famous names in Irish history. St Kevin is one of the patron saints of Dublin.

Kevoca (Kennotha, Quivoca) March 13
7th cent. A saint honoured in Kyle in Scotland.

Keyna (Keyne, Ceinwen) Oct 8
5th cent. Born in Wales, she lived as an anchoress in Cornwall. Some say that Keynsham in Somerset was named after her. A church in Cornwall is dedicated to her.

Kiara (Chier) Jan 5
+ c 680. A spiritual daughter of St Fintan Munnu. She lived in Ireland near Nenagh in Co. Tipperary, at a place now called Kilkeary after her.

Kieran (Kieman, Kyran, Ciaran) March 5
+ c 530. Called 'the first-born of the saints of Ireland'. Born in Ossory, he was probably consecrated bishop by St Patrick and has been venerated from time immemorial as the first Bishop of Ossory and founder of the monastery of Saighir.

Kieran (Kyran) Sept 9
+ c 556 (?). Called 'The Younger'. He was born in Connacht, and was trained in the monastic life by St Finian of Clonard, one of the 'Twelve Apostles of Ireland'. He later founded Clonmacnois in West Meath and gave his monks an ascetic rule, 'The Law of Kieran'.

Kigwe (Kewe, Ciwa) Feb 8
6th or 7th cent. A saint venerated in Gwent in Wales.

Kilian (Chilianus), Colman and Totnan July 8
+ c 689. Monks from Ireland who enlightened Franconia and East Thuringia, where they were martyred. Kilian was Bishop of Wurzburg in Germany where he is still honoured.

Kilian July 29
7th cent. An abbot of a monastery on the island of Inishcaltra in Ireland and author of a Life of St Brigid.

Kingsmark (Cynfarch) Sept 8
5th cent. By tradition a saint who came from Scotland but lived in Wales, where churches are dedicated to him.

Kinnia Feb 1
5th cent. A virgin baptised by St Patrick and venerated in Co. Louth in Ireland.



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