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Zacharias March 15
+ 752. He was born in San Severino in Calabria in Italy of a Greek family. Chosen Pope of Rome in 741, he was influential in helping Europe remain Orthodox.

Zachary May 26
+ c 106. By tradition the second Bishop of Vienne in France, martyred under Trajan.

Zama Jan 24
+ c 268. The first Bishop of Bologna in Italy.

Zeno April 12
+ 371 Born in North Africa, he became Bishop of Verona in Italy at the time of Julian the Apostate. He was remembered as a fervent pastor and a fierce opponent of Arianism.

Zenobius May 25
+ c 390. Bishop of Florence in Italy. A friend of St Ambrose and St Damasus, he raised a dead child to life and cast out demons.

Zephyrinus Aug 26
+ 217. Pope of Rome from 198/9 to 217. He defended Orthodox Christology against heresies.

Zöe (Zoa) July 5
+ c 286. With a Greek name, she lived in Rome. Married to a high official of the imperial court, she was martyred for the faith.

Zöellus, Servilius, Felix, Silvanus and Diocles May 24
? Early martyrs in Istria.

Zoilus and Companions June 27
+ c 301. A youth martyred in Cordoba in Spain under Diocletian. The monastery of San Zoil de Carrión in León in Spain was founded to enshrine his relics.

Zosimus March 30
+ c 660. At the age of seven he was taken to the monastery of Santa Lucia near Syracuse in Sicily. After thirty years as a monk, he was successively made abbot and bishop of the city. He reposed at the age of ninety.

Zosimus June 19
+ 110. A martyr in Spoleto in Umbria in Italy under Trajan.

Zosimus Dec 26
+ 418. A Greek Pope of Rome.

Zoticus, Rogatus, Modestus, Castulus and Companions Jan 12
? A group of between forty and fifty soldiers martyred in North Africa.

Zoticus, Irenaeus, Hyacinth, Amantius and Companions Feb 10
+ 120. A group of ten soldiers martyred in Rome and buried on the Via Lavicana.



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